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Scenario Takeover
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 12
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Scenario Takeover is the 72nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


A happy Kyoko arrives on set to discover she was the only one who didn't know that Ren is about to be tested, his job at stake.

Chapter Summary

Feeling blissful, Kyoko arrives on set to an unexpected air of extreme tension. The crew is shocked when Kyoko asks what's going on and why is her agency president there. They realize she was absent both times Lory visited the set and fill her in.

Ogata tries to calm Ren and Lory down while they wait for Itsumi to arrive, but it's a no go. Lory informs everybody, to their surprise, that he's already selected Ren's replacement so firing him won't be a problem if he fails the acting test. Ren guarantees that he will pull off a Katsuki better than the original right before Lory's eyes.

The stare-down over, Ren joins Kyoko and is taken aback when he sees that she's angry. He pushes her to tell him why, but Kyoko refuses to admit that she's capable of getting angry anymore simply because she's left out of the loop. She's used to it. Kyoko isn't happy that Ren knew she was unaware of the test today. Ren explains he wasn't being mean by failing to tell her. Kyoko reveals that she understands and states again that she's not angry. She feels miserable because she was the last one with him and had no idea he was about to go through something so serious. Ren isn't sure how to read this admission. He wonders if she is testing him but then remembers that this is Kyoko, and she's probably sulking because she's worried it'll look like she doesn't care enough about her work to pay attention to what's happening on set.[1]

Ogata asks Lory to explain why he's forcing this situation, why he was against Ren taking the role from the start. Lory explains that it's because Ren is special and he's doing it for Ren's own good.

Itsumi arrives. Ren requests that after they reach the part where Mizuki cuts herself on the broken tea cup—the same place of the retakes last time Ren was on the Dark Moon set—that they be allowed to improvise instead of following the script. Itsumi is shocked, especially since Ren hasn't given her reason to trust his acting skill up to now. Ogata expresses concern for unfairness to Itsumi and the scene losing its aim if they improvise. Ren replies by throwing Itsumi's words about being bored with the scene (revealing that he'd heard her say it) back out there, causing everyone to gape at his boldness.[2] He tells Ogata not to worry about the improvisation for he will make sure that the scene's direction is maintained and still come back to the final moment of the scene: Katsuki sitting on the couch deep in thought while Mizuki gets another cup of tea. Ogata worries that Itsumi might not respond correctly to the improv but Ren assures him that he'll make her perform the way he wants through the force of his own acting, deliberately goading Itsumi.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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