Honey Trap
Chapter 70
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 12
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Honey Trap is the 70th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren and Kyoko continue the role play, each using their characters to cover up genuine reactions. All goes well until there's an accident.

Chapter Summary

Ren can't figure out if his heart is throbbing because Mizuki mentioned Katsuki's relationship with another woman or if it's his own heart throbbing for Kyoko.

Mizuki asks Katsuki if something is wrong, and Katsuki lies, saying that mentioning Misao made him suddenly want to see her. Kyoko recognizes this as rubbish but unsuccessfully tries to cover as Mizuki reacting. Ren moves forward with the scene by revealing Katsuki's state as more ill than previously given. Mizuki declares that she can't leave if he's feeling this ill, and if Katsuki insists that he's well then he has to prove it by eating everything she'll cook for him. Mizuki takes Katsuki's hand to guide him to his feet and Ren focuses on the contact between them.

Mizuki guides Katsuki to his bedroom and Kyoko counsels herself that though she was shocked at the size of it, the well-off Mizuki has been around large beds before. Recognizing its rumpled state, quite unlike Ren, Kyoko realizes that Ren's been playing all along that he was sick and originally in bed. She's so moved by his professionalism, forethought, and talent that it shows on her face.

Ren gets worried at the long silence and the sight of her forming tears. He tenderly tries to get her to tell him what's wrong, not knowing if they're being real or acting the parts. She apologizes for being somewhat in shock because though she tried her best... Mizuki actually doesn't know how to make rice porridge.

In the bedroom, Ren can't believe Kyoko said that with tears. In the kitchen, Kyoko can't believe Ren accepted that lame excuse. Back in the bedroom Ren's thoughts reveal that he'd been planning to maneuver Mizuki into the bedroom on the premise of treating her wound, but that he'd gotten playful seeing how Kyoko would act opposite him. He wonders if he's being punished for it because, although he knew he'd have to get in touch with his feelings for Kyoko by doing this, he thought he'd have it under control. But after the touch of her hand and the sight of her tears, he just wanted to hold her tight. So he sent her to the kitchen. Ren is in a bit of disbelief that after accepting that he has feelings for Kyoko, they are growing so rapidly.

A crash comes from the kitchen, followed by several more. Kyoko is dangling from a high kitchen cabinet she had climbed on a chair and box to reach, having forgotten that the shelf of pots pulls out. Still in their dual roles as themselves and the characters, Ren/Katsuki moves to help Kyoko/Mizuki but the box she's on teeters and she falls. Kyoko notices she's not feeling any pain, and opens her eyes when she recognizes Ren's scent. They are on the floor, his hand behind her head, his arm behind her back, and his body lying intimately across hers.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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