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A One-Night Connection
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 12
Arc Dark Moon arc
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A One-Night Connection is the 68th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko makes an effort as herself to cheer Ren up, and as a result is invited over to his apartment that evening.

Chapter Summary

Ogata recalls his conversation with Lory who turned up at Dark Moon's set as promised. It's been a total of four days since Ren left the set. Lory tells Ogata not to get his hopes up and even if he wants to wait for Ren, it will get hard to continue the shooting without a lead role. Lory says they will wait three more days and if Ren can't produce a satisfactory Katsuki then he will be fired. So it's best if Ogata starts looking for replacement immediately. Ogata protests at the idea of replacing Ren until Lory reminds him of his reasons behind shooting Dark Moon, which were to surpass his father. To do this he bet his very reputation as a director on Dark Moon's success. Ogata flinches at the accuracy of the statement. Lory tells him rather harshly to stop hesitating, for in order to surpass Tsukigomori Ogata's asked all the Dark Moon actors to beat the original's acting skills. So he should be more than ready to discard the incompetent ones.

Parking his car, Ogata thinks to himself that Lory was quite scary that time. He finds it hard to believe that he wants to replace Ren; he must have just been trying to shake him up. Ogata then recalls his phone call with Ren, who told him that Lory was being completely serious. For if Lory tells him he can't surpass Shuhei Hozu, then he will do exactly what he said he'd do. Ren told Ogata that no one can stop Lory, but Ren he promises he won't be fired so easily. Ogata thinks that if the president is serious, and Ren certainly is treating it that way, then the next day will be judgment day. 

Sitting in the foyer listening to his CD player, Ren looks fiercely determined. Yashiro approaches him and apologizes to Ren for not being able to do more to help him. As they are walking to the car Ren tries to figure out what kind of Katsuki can only he can perform. He pauses and repeats  to himself "that only I can do?"[1] for he slowly begins to realize something. He recalls his conversation with Bo about Kyoko that no matter what the circumstances were he'd still find excuse to lock up his heart. Remembering Shuhei Hozu in the original, he wonders what would he do if his feelings for Kyoko grew like Katsuki's do for Mizuki. He is distracted from his deep thoughts when Yashiro makes a noise.

Kyoko is waiting for them, this time in her high school uniform. Yashiro rushes over to greet her, saying its cute. Looking away, Ren coughs and covers his face, blushing at the memory of her saying she'll be waiting. Yashiro snaps him out of his reverie by excitedly sharing that Kyoko skipped school that morning because she wanted to bring him lunch. Kyoko explains that she brought him lunch because she saw on his schedule that he likely wouldn't be eating one. She admits that its unasked for, but she wants to help him somehow. She's disappointed in herself that making a lunch for him is all she can really do but even if it's something like this she hopes it will cheer him up. When Ren doesn't answer, Kyoko nervously asks if he's upset because he thinks her motive is her own ego. Ren's blank stare hides the thought No matter how many locks I put on my heart, if my feelings grow, what would I do?

Ren makes a decision. He sends her a beautiful, genuine smile that causes Kyoko to tremble while her spirit grudges to shrivel up and fall to the ground. He tells Kyoko that he's not upset and appreciates the lunch box but he'll accept it if she'll do one more thing for him. Purposely using rather easily misinterpreted words, Ren asks Kyoko to lend him her time and her body that evening.

Later, outside Ren's apartment a seriously annoyed Kyoko tells him he should have just said he wanted her help rehearsing, since that's what he meant. Ren devilishly asks Kyoko if she were expecting something, which she strongly denies. At the time of Ren's proposition only Yashiro got excited, screaming like a fan girl and cheering for Kyoko. Ren also mutters too low for her to hear that he was disappointed not to have gotten a reaction out of her (though in his mind he's secretly glad she didn't get flustered).

Ren proposes that they act as Mizuki and Katsuki off-script. Kyoko stares at him concerned. Ren wonders if she can't act like Mizuki without the script? Kyoko is instantly angry at this insinuation and tells him of course she can as she's always liked Mizuki's personality. She is actually more worried about Ren and wonders how this imitating game could be helpful. Ren assures her that his Katsuki is up to it. Kyoko feels encouraged that Ren is beginning to find his role, even if she doesn't understand. She determines that she will make herself the heroine that's a match for him. Kyoko leaves the apartment in order to begin the role-play of Mizuki visiting Katsuki.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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