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Deep Shock
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga and Yukihito Yashiro
Volume 12
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Deep Shock is the 67th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


There's emotional damage inside Ren's heart, and whatever it is, it's not only keeping him from accepting his attachment to Kyoko, but it might also get him fired from Dark Moon.

Chapter Summary

Recalling Kyoko's confessions (about waiting for his Katsuki and not wanting to lose his trust) Ren acknowledges that he actually knew what the feelings in his heart meant when he looked upon her. Yet there is a reason why he cannot afford to admit it. Ren then lets out a deep sigh after the Assistant Director leaves, who had popped into the waiting room to tell them filming starts at 3:00. Yashiro looks disconcerted at the sigh.

Outside of TV Japan Kyoko collapses, all sweaty and out of breath from carrying a huge bundle, glad that's she has finally made it there. Jumping up she hurries to unwrap the bundle for she knows Ren is in the waiting room and has filming at 3 (thanks to Yashiro). So if she doesn't rush she won't have time to talk to him. She also is worried that Ren might not be in the waiting room as he might have hidden somewhere to think alone which he is prone to do. She hopes she doesn't have to lose time looking for him.

In the waiting room Yashiro remains concerned over Ren and wonders uneasily if his plan to cheer Ren up with Kyoko failed. Ren was supposed have a happy dinner with Kyoko and returned to work revived, however since early morning he has fallen into a storm of sighs. Yashiro recalls the drive in, when he asked Ren point blank what Kyoko made him for dinner. At the question Ren swerved, scraping his car against the wall of the median strip, all with a blank look on his face. Another thing concerning Yashiro is the sudden unexplainable appearance of a CD player, which Ren has been listening to throughout the day. Yashiro thinks its highly abnormal for he has never seen any kind of music in Ren's apartment but now he won't stop listening to that CD. He concludes that something must have happened last night between him and Kyoko. If this is the case Yashiro thinks he should ask Ren about it and apologize for it, as it was his idea. Yashiro leans towards Ren reluctantly and reaches out to take the earphone from Ren's ear when a knock at the door sounds.

Irritated because it's too early for the filming, Yashiro answers the door and is surprised to see Bo there. He taps Ren on the shoulder, telling him he has a guest. Bo greets him cheerfully saying it's such a coincidence for he was walking by and saw Ren's name on the room so he thought he'd stop in and say hi. Both Ren and Yashiro have been staring a bit puzzled at Bo, then Ren asks if there is something a bit different about him today.

"Oh, is it obvious?"[1] asks Bo, a bit sheepishly for he currently has the head of a chicken and body of a duck. Internally Kyoko thinks that it's because she could only smuggle the head out of TBM, not wanting to get caught she had to give up on the body. She borrowed the body from LME but was in a hurry so didn't realize it was a duck. Changing the subject Bo asks if he could have a word with Ren.

At Fuji TV, Ogata has Ren's number in his hand and, whilst a bit nervous, starts to call it but hangs up before the call can go through. "Ah I really can't do it...!" he panics as he curls up into a ball, stressing because he doesn't know how to express it. He recalls the President's words that he doesn't have to feel guilty and to just give Ren his message. Ogata knows that it will probably hurt Ren to hear it but compared to not knowing anything, saying it out loud will help Ren to grow stronger.

Ren and Bo are alone and there's only silence. Finally, Ren admits that he saw the couple on TV that Bo's been ranting about, too. Internally Kyoko pumps her fist at this. Since Bo had asked him if he agreed the age gap made them ridiculous, Ren answered that he doesn't agree. He actually roots for them. Kyoko/Bo gives an evil grin at this, for her plan to open his heart is working so far. Bo points out that it's strange he's against a 4-year age gap but he finds a 19-year one acceptable; that doesn't make sense. Ren agrees with Bo, stunning Kyoko. Ren shares that he spent time wondering why he had such a response. Kyoko is surprised. Bo questions if Ren might be denying his own feelings because the girl is in high school. Ren says that is probably the case for now. Kyoko is about try and persuade Ren that it will only be 2 years until the girl graduates, but before she can say anything Ren admits that he was just using it as an excuse, because even after she graduates he'd still lock up his feelings. Bo asks why this is so. Ren clenches his hand over his watch and tells Bo that, as he said before, he can't afford to have anything precious here.

"Here... as in showbiz?"

Ren looks sad but resolute when he answers, "Wherever I am." [2]

With his words still reverberating through her, Kyoko, now in causal attire, is sitting in the same spot looking pensively down at the Bo costume. A clock, looking suspiciously like a watch face and band, hangs above her showing that enough time has passed that Ren is gone to do the filming. Kyoko ponders the conversation, thinking that she hadn't been able to ask anything more for the situation had seemed so heavy and Ren had worn such a painful expression. She feels that Ren is hurt so much and so deeply that no one would be able to reach him.

The hallway where they chatted together is now empty, with only the watch/clock showing that it is now 6:00.

Kyoko is outside TV Japan and stares at the building with a sad expression thinking that in order to not fall in love, Ren locked his heart down with chains and right now no one can save him. She wonders desperately what is going to happen if Ren can't act out Katsuki.

Ren gets a phone call from Ogata. He tells Yashiro that on the day after tomorrow Lory is going to be watching him act when he returns, and if Lory is unsatisfied with his Katsuki he'll be fired on the spot.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami (Bo the Chicken/Duck version)
  2. Assistant Director for TV Japan
  3. Ren Tsuruga
  4. Yukihito Yashiro
  5. Hiroaki Ogata


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