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The Silent Siren
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 11
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Silent Siren is the 65th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren struggles with the realization that he has feelings for Kyoko. Yashiro connives to get them some alone time.

Chapter Summary

Ren is in the waiting room before his TV spot, remembering Bo's description of love: that just seeing a person's face will make him happy, even when he's having a hard time and his heart will become warm. He admits to himself that he does find it a bit lowering to be taught the meaning of love by a chicken but reasons that of course there is a person in the costume. He also recalls that Bo thought it was perfect when Ren confessed he was reluctant to believe that he has feelings for this unnamed girl because she's still in high school. Bo said this works out quite nicely with the role he's struggling with—for isn't the girl in the drama a high school student too? Since the girl is of legal age, Ren should do his best to get closer to the girl. Ren refused, saying he can't afford to fall in love and have something precious.

Yashiro is worried about Ren, and counsels him for having Katsuki on his mind. Ren is startled to realize that he was unprofessionally distracted from the issues with his acting by fretting over thoughts of love. Yashiro worries even more as Ren's expression gets worse, and he even staggers into the wall, but he doesn't say anything. Watching on as Ren works, Yashiro is impressed at Ren's perseverance for he continues to work despite being troubled. It hurts to watch him push himself like this though. Yashiro wishes he could do something for Ren but he knows nothing about acting. If only Ren would at least tell him how he's feeling, or have someone he could talk this out with.

Kyoko and Itsumi film another successful scene where Mio expresses her guilt and Mizuki listens on. The shooting is fast-paced with Kyoko literally running to swap costumes between scenes. In the changing room, Kyoko overhears Itsumi confess disappointment over the lack of chemistry with her co-star, as she had been looking forward to working with Ren due to his perfect record of no NGs. She continues saying she hasn't been able to feel any emotions emanating from Ren and so its difficult to synchronize her Mizuki with him. She admits to being impressed by Kyoko and that she is performing extraordinarily well with this being her first big drama. As far as acting partners go, Kyoko has been far superior to Ren. Kyoko, who has been listening this whole time, calls out in anguish "Noooooooooooooo! Stop! I don't want to hear about it anymooooorrreee!"[1]) as she runs from the dressing room crying. This causes great confusion among those in Itsumi's dressing room because they'd been complimenting her. Kyoko is distraught over such a comparison that overestimates her and underestimates Ren. Fretting, she hopes for Ren to figure out how to show Katsuki's love and come back to being the brilliantly shining Ren Tsuruga. Kyoko gets her emotions under control and looks up with a determined expression.

During the interview, Yashiro is excited to see Ren's face react to being asked if there's anyone he has feelings for. At that moment he gets a phone call from Kyoko which he thinks is perfect timing. When Kyoko asks for Ren's schedule, Yashiro plays hard to get and is disappointed when Kyoko gravely apologizes, worried she'd crossed a line. So Yashiro offers to give her the schedule on one condition.

Driving in his car, Ren is discomfited at the concept of going home so early instead of on to another job. He counsels himself to focus on fixing his Katsuki and then pulls over, disturbed to realize that he's looking at work for the first time as merely a duty that needs to be performed. There's a knock on his window and he looks up to see Kyoko outside the car. Bo's words begin flow back into Ren's mind as he smiles happily at Kyoko and asks why she's there.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami (Mio Hongo/Bo the Chicken)
  2. Ren Tsuruga
  3. Yukihito Yashiro
  4. Entertainment Variety Show Hostesses
  5. Itsumi Momose (Mizuki Hongo)
  6. Dark Moon crew members
  7. Itsumi Momose's manager
  8. Kyoko's Costume Assistant
  9. Kyoko's Make-up & Hair Assistant
  10. Itsumi's Costume Assistant
  11. Itsumi's Make-up & Hair Assistant
  12. Talk Show Hostesses


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