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The Spell at Dawn
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 11
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Spell at Dawn is the 64th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren confides to Bo about his heart, not knowing that it's really Kyoko.

Chapter Summary

A long silence ensues before Ren quietly asks Bo a question. Unfortunately Kyoko got lost in thought and has to ask him to repeat it. Put off, Ren tries again and asks Bo if he's ever been in love. Inwardly, Kyoko is slightly annoyed because she wanted to hear about his acting problems until she recalls that it was a love scene that tripped Ren so she plays along telling him it's a feeling that can't be described in words. Bo confidently tells Ren that with such a handsome face he must have more experience with love than she could advise. Ren gets even more moodier at this statement, agreeing that it must be strange given his age to have not fallen in love. Bo tells him it's not really his age but more his looks, to say he has never fallen in love before with such handsome features is hard to believe. Ren goes silent at this and merely looks at Bo who slowly comprehends that he was telling the truth. Ren blushes and looks away, embarrassed.

As Ren explains the warning he received, Kyoko figures out that it must've been the President who cautioned Ren about this issue. Ren beats himself up for being overconfident in his abilities and for not really believing that it would happen to him, but he has fallen into the exact situation he was warned about. Ren doesn't know how to act Katsuki at all. He has never felt such overwhelming feelings for anyone, so how can he show them? The original Tsukigomori weighs on his mind. He watched it with the intention of surpassing it, but now regrets having seen it. Kyoko is gazing at Ren sadly as he vents and understands now why his acting suddenly changed. Ren is still going saying he thought he could use his acting skills to get through the difficulty however he failed in the end. He couldn't put any emotion in the act so it felt fake which is why before Director Ogata even called for an NG he would stop acting. It was why Director Ogata forced him to take a break from the set. Basically telling him to only come back when he has understood Katsuki. Ren is fearful that he may not be able to grasp Katsuki's character which means he will be fired as he recalls having been fired from an earlier job.

He's broken out of his reverie by Bo suddenly jumping up and stomping about, unaware that Kyoko was remembering her own history with love and trying to stamp out Sho. Ren gets angry at how inattentive Bo is being after having offered to be a listener and he attacks the costume, trying to pull Bo's head off. Kyoko tries to hold the head on, worried he will discover her identity. The struggle ends when Bo's costume hat is ripped off Bo's chicken head making it look like a buzz cut gone wrong.

Lory brings a masquerade ball to the Dark Moon set while everyone's trying to work. Lory demands to know where Ren is, but is told only half the truth, that Ren had a TV spot scheduled at that time. Knowing something's up, and exactly what that is because he predicted it, Lory manoeuvres Ogato into an explanation.

Ren's calmed down and is laughing over how upset Bo is over the ripped costume. Kyoko is upset that the costume was damaged. Ren tells her she should really reflect on her actions, if she wants to blame someone. Both of them swap a glare but Ren starts cracking up remembering Bo without his hat, looking like a bad haircut. Kyoko is happy she at least lightened his mood, since she didn't solve the problem she can at least alleviate some of Ren's tension. Ren glances at his phone and says he must depart but thanks Bo for the talk as it has raised his spirits. Bo reassures him that he will definitely be able to do it so not to worry. Ren frowns at the irresponsible statement and wonders what makes Bo so sure. Inwardly Kyoko is laughing at the role reversal for he said the same thing to her when she was troubled with Mio.

As they walk back, Ren ponders about Katsuki and then just love in general, for what he used to think was "love" was cruelly torn down. What is love? It gets more and more mysterious. Is there a book on it? Kyoko attempts to explain that love is when small things about a person make you happy. Ren nods his understanding but is still clueless for he asks for an example, and Kyoko is aghast that he hasn't even experienced this much. She asks Ren if he ever thought a girl was attractive and couldn't help looking at her. Ren immediately thinks of Kyoko, who—still dressed as Bo—rejoices at the look on his face and declares it the prelude of love.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Ren Tsuruga
  2. Kyoko Mogami (Bo the Chicken)
  3. American Director (Ren's recollections)
  4. Sho Fuwa (Kyoko's imagination)
  5. Masquerade Guests
  6. Lory Takarada
  7. Hiroaki Ogata
  8. Satoshi Takagi
  9. Itsumi Momose
  10. Takamoku
  11. Dark Moon crew members
  12. Hiroko Iizuka


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