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The Permissible Encounter
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 11
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Permissible Encounter is the 63rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is full of compassion and worry for Ren. Stumbling upon him after her filming, she comes up with a plan to help him with the aid of Bo the Chicken.

Chapter Summary

Ren is drinking at home after having politely been told by Ogata to take a few days off and get his head in order. He doesn't answer when Yashiro calls, making him despair and wonder what to do.

Kyoko comes in early to get her scar applied (takes 3 hours) and meets the director on the Dark Moon set. Ogata is rearranging the shooting schedule around Ren's absence and confirms with Kyoko that she needs the evening off for she has another job (Bo in Yappa Kimagure Rock). Ogata feels a lot of guilt over Ren, thinking he was too insensitive while Ren was experiencing his own turmoil and he was only able to give a couple days off. He remembers back to two days ago, when Ren encountered his slump and was unable to express Katsuki at all. Ren had looked desperate while asking to try the take again. Ogata thinks it was extreme of him to tell an actor to leave the set, but Ren looked as if he were driven into a corner. He was tense and suffering; Ogata couldn't watch anymore. Ogata thinks internally that it was similar to how he felt not so long ago that no matter what he did, he was the same as his father. He was desperately wanting to surpass his father, yet crippled by the weight of his father's name and accomplishments. Ogata says he understands that Ren has something preventing him from acting. Part of his guilt is because he can't help Ren the way Ren helped him, recalling when Ren whispered something in his ear which stopped his panic attack. Weeping and hitting himself, Ogata calls himself "a loser-of-a-directer after all!"[1]. Kyoko quickly reassures him that she also felt that Ren's slump was due to a bigger issue than unexpected retakes. It felt like he was searching for his own Katsuki when he started asking for retakes. Ogata ponders how it is so that Ren was able to play Katsuki so well for while but abruptly became unable to express him two days ago.

While watching other actors' takes, Kyoko muses about the cause behind Ren's slump, thinking there must be a reason that he couldn't even disclose to the Director. She recalls his stricken expression when he couldn't bring forth Katsuki, as well as Ogata's stricken expression when he felt useless in helping Ren.

It's the same for her, too. Kyoko wishes she could offer to help Ren in some way like how he helped her with Mio, but her status as both a newcomer and a younger associate pretty much makes that socially inappropriate. She envisions an offended Ren saying "Why would I tell you about my problems?!"[2] or getting angry at her presumptuous attitude "A newcomer like you wouldn't understand! Who do you think you are, huh?! Know your place!" [3] Kyoko's still pondering it even while playing Bo on Yappa Kimagure Rock and afterwards as she takes the costume to get cleaned. No matter how much she thinks about it there really isn't anything she can do for Ren. She can only watch. She puts herself in Ren's position wondering what would happen if she suddenly became unable to play Mio. She would definitely feel terrible and surely would like someone to lend her a hand. She sighs, thinking if only she were older than Ren for she could then force him to spit out his problems. For someone like Ren, who stresses seniority, it would be the best approach. She laughs at her imagined gall at be able to force Ren to do something.

Kyoko is then rendered speechless as she rounds the corner because, as chance would have it, Ren's in the TV studio while she's there as Bo. Kyoko thinks she challenged karma by thinking she could force help upon him. Looking at Ren, who is absorbed in his own dark world, it's hardly a situation one can approach casually. She runs off in the other direction, declaring herself incapable of pulling him out of that atmosphere. If he needs someone to talk to he can just ask Yashiro. She slows down and stops the cart as she recalls that when he didn't know a word in the script, he still didn't ask for help or consult anyone. He prefers to rely on his own strengths because he always covers up his emotions and problems with a smile, not allowing anyone to see his true self. She then remembers that he opened up to Bo before thus realizing there IS a way she can help him.

Ren is consumed by dark thoughts regarding his current situation. He recalls Ogata saying that Katsuki has confused him and Tsuruga the actor has disappeared somewhere. Ren apologized to Ogata and said he would get it right next time. Ogata claimed that to be impossible right then, since Ren was trying too hard and his acting wasn't alive. This shocks Ren. Ogata kindly but firmly ordered Ren to take a break and please return when he can enjoy acting Katsuki again. The memory makes Ren clench his fist in frustration, but then he jumps when he hears a loud squeak. He spins around and is surprised to see Bo. Bo greets him, saying long time no see, and just like before he has a face full of worries. Ren is surprised to see the chicken, for he thought he got fired. Bo asks Ren why is all alone and looking down again. Is there another word in the script that he doesn't understand? This makes Ren depressed again, probably wishing it were something that simple. As commemoration for their reunion, Bo tells him he'll listen to Ren's troubles. "You don't need to pretend in front of me... So tell me. What's wrong?[4]

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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