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Lunar Eclipse
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 11
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Lunar Eclipse is the 62nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren struggles with portraying Katsuki. Sho frets over imagining Kyoko and Ren as colleagues.

Chapter Summary

The chapter opens with the backstory of Ren's character Katsuki revealing his connection to Mio, Misao, and Mizuki, as well as his lifelong desire for revenge.

On the set of Dark Moon, Ren is continually doing retakes of a subtle romantic scene with Mizuki, much to the shock and concern of all around. The scene is quite hard, especially for Ren with no romance experience at all.

Kyoko watches on in uncertainty as Ren NGs several more times yet still remains so calm. The rest of the cast murmurs at Ogata's cut-throat directing for he is not giving Ren an inch. Yashiro moves to stand beside Kyoko who sends him a questioning glance about the events that are transpiring. Yashiro states that although Ren looks untroubled by the amount of NGs called he is probably anything but for this is the first time this has happened to him. He is probably really struggling right now. Kyoko realises he must be right. Then she recalls her conversation with Ren during her time as Bo where Ren had rattled of all the times he had been fired 'for not living up to the Director's expectations' and how cavalier he was about it. Maybe Ren doesn't even mind? Yashiro doesn't know what she is talking about and she deduces it must've been before he was his manager. She muses that Ren must've been a young talent and incredibly brazen to have gone far enough to have been fired multiple times for not agreeing with the Director. She's amazed at the difference between him then and the Ren of now.

Back on set Director Ogata breaks down the scene for Ren. Katsuki's feelings have changed towards Mizuki; however they were deeply complex before, too. Ogata says he wants a feeling that is more sincere for there is a bigger taboo straining the relationship between Katsuki and Mizuki than just the Student-Teacher aspect. Katsuki's father, for the sake of his family's happiness, stole the lives of Mizuki's parents. Katsuki is in conflict within himself as he has his mission of revenge yet he is also drawn to Mizuki's optimism and perseverance but knows he should not be. Ogata says he wishes to see this inner struggle of Katsuki's, who forbids himself from touching her though can't stop wanting more once he has. The warmth of her remains on his hands, feeding the love growing in his heart but only deepening the dejection he feels. Ogata cautions that all this must be displayed delicately. During this explanation Ren sees in his mind what the other Katsuki did for the scene in his mind's eye as he has watched the previous version.

Ogata counsels that he has faith that Ren will pull it off once he synchronises his own feelings with those that Katsuki's is experiencing. However he also lays down rather finally that he will be making sure that Dark Moon will be superior to Tsukigomori hence implying to Ren he will not be accepting a replica of the other scene or sub-par acting. The firm set down takes Ren aback slightly.

Sho puts up a front of not caring what Kyoko's doing in her career. Shoko believes him, and reflects on how mature he is professionally, but becomes like a kid when not on the job. Alone, Sho is having angry daydreams of Kyoko and Ren in a romance. He tries to talk himself out of believing it's possible since he would have the hottest girl in show business for his girl once he gains Ren's status as #1. It doesn't quite work and he loudly fantasises about threatening to kill Ren for falling for Kyoko.

Back on the set of Dark Moon, Ren is doing another retake but whilst holding Mizuki's hand he freezes, recalling how the original Katsuki did it. His scene disintegrates and he becomes completely unable to act as Katsuki. Yashiro is even more concerned for Ren as he never thought he would waver in the face of a role. It is worse that he thought it was. However Kyoko wonders if there is something deeper affecting Ren, for he is wearing such a troubled expression. Director Ogata relents and thinks he may have pressured Ren too much, offering him a break. Ren looks lost and confused as he apologises. Kyoko can see the whole set is shaken for this is not how Ren normally is but most of all no one would have guessed that Ren, the great actor that he is, would be utterly incapable of playing Katsuki.

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