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And the Trigger Was Pulled
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Character/s in the cover Mio Hongo (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 11
Arc Dark Moon arc
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And the Trigger Was Pulled is the 61st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren's foretold troubles with Dark Moon are just beginning.

Chapter Summary

Yashiro demonstrates how he uses silent intimidation to keep the fan girls away from Ren when they're out and about. Moko and Kyoko witness this and joke about him really being an alien since he breaks cell phones at a slight touch and freezes fanatic females with a look. Kyoko goes a bit overboard in her play and guesses that a second alien Yashiro is already inside Ren waiting to rip his way free. Yashiro and Ren do not react well to these conjectures.

Ren dreams of when he said goodbye to Kyoko when they were children and he gave her the blue stone, telling her it was magic. He muses while showering that he dreamed of that moment because he heard Kyoko talking about scars and curses on the heart of Mio's character. In the memory of her talking about it Ren is the only one who is unphased by Kyoko's melodramatic behavior, which he thinks has been her hobby since childhood. Drying off, he wonders with a smile if she still believe in fairies. He soon loses his smile as he spies the open DVD cases of the original Tsukigomori.

Kyoko shoots a successful scene with Itsumi Momose, Ren's costar. Those watching are impressed and even Iizuka admits she's been won over by the new Mio.

Between scenes, Kyoko and Ogata join Ren and Yashiro who have just arrived. Ogata greets them and asks if they have eaten. Ren assures him that they both have had something already. During his conversation with Ogata, Kyoko eyes Ren suspiciously for she is not fooled by his claim that he ate on the way over. When Ogata leaves she demands to know what it was. When Ren informs her it was store-bought onigiri, she is enraged for this is not nutritional at all. Ren argues that it is so, for it had tuna and seaweed in it. Kyoko then scolds Yashiro for allowing Ren to be in charge of the food, for he obviously only buys food for its convenience not for its nutritional value. Yashiro says its hard to argue with Ren's choice for he is the one driving. She continues to scold and argue with the both of them.

Two of the gossipy extras who play Mizuki's friends look on, and are bitter about seeing Kyoko and Ren talking together. Itsumi tells them they can just as easily go up to him and chat for Ren is very friendly, but they protest that they know their place as newcomers. She should be the one who's annoyed, as Ren's character's love interest. Itsumi corrects them about the difference in relationships between characters and actors. That although she as Mizuki is Katsuki's love interest in Dark Moon and they do indeed develop a relationship on stage, it does not mean that in real life they must form a relationship as Itsumi and Ren. Both the extras are awed by her maturity and amazed she isn't a little annoyed at Kyoko. Itsumi muses internally that she had been prepared to be a little miffed at Kyoko for she had heard that she'd been hand-picked by the director. However now that she's seen Kyoko's acting she's actually impressed for her Mio is positively scary.

Yashiro informs Kyoko that if she wants to scold Ren about something then she should scold him about staying up all night to watch the Tsukigomori DVD. Rather than scolding him, Kyoko startles Yashiro by complimenting Ren's bravery in watching the original Tsukigomori, claiming it would overcome her acting to see it. Ren laughs at this, telling her she has nothing to worry about for her Mio is way more intense then the original's. Kyoko pouts at this for her Mio is demonic not intense as she has had a curse placed on her. Ren lets out a slight chuckle at her fanciful talk causing Kyoko glare at him. He then startles her by claiming that he actually wants to be like her, creating a character that's better than the original. Kyoko is a bit uneasy at having a senior and great actor like Ren say he wants to be like her.

After Ren goes on set, Kyoko becomes suspicious about why Ren would start watching the original now and begins to worry for him. Just as she tells herself not to, that Ren is the only actor who hasn't had a retake, Ogata calls cut and asks for Ren to do a retake.

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