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Each of Their Shadows
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Hiroaki Ogata and Haruki Asami)
Volume 10
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Each of Their Shadows is the 60th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The Director feels he's finally found the Dark Moon world he wants to create, thanks to Kyoko's Mio. With no trace of the meek director from before, he challenges the actors to rise to the occasion so as to create a Dark Moon that is better than its previous incarnation.

Chapter Summary

Ogata reflects on how he lost his way toward his original goal for Dark Moon and is grateful that Kyoko brought it back for him. Kyoko, in the meantime, has to be snapped out of Mio's character with the clapperboard. She prostrates herself in apology to those gathered around her. Ogata reassures her that her actions gave him his director's concept back. Iizuka is shocked that Ogata is taking on this version of Mio, but is silenced when Ogata helps her realize that the core of Mio, whom she knows better than anyone, is still there in Kyoko's version: hatred. He politely challenges Iizuka to similarly overcome her part in the role of mother, demonstrating to all that the weak director is no more.

Ren feels the same challenge, recalling the conversation with Lory who pointed out issues that he would have when portraying Katsuki. Ren tells Yashiro only that his own problem starts now. Kyoko approaches Ren in a state of gloomy determination. Yashiro and Ren think she's about to pick a fight, but instead she asks Ren to let loose with the scolding she's prepared herself to receive from him. Ren assures Kyoko he was worried and not angry, but if she'd returned with a poor Mio, he would have made her cry 2 or 3 years worth of tears. Instead she surpassed his expectations.

Filming resumes and Kyoko is grinning to herself with pleasure that Ren offered to work his Katsuki against her Mio as a worthy opponent. She was so pleased that she shook his outstretched hand before rushing into the classroom for the scene. The director gets concerned at her grin and asks if she's lost Mio. In the hall outside, Ren is staring at his hand when a crew member calls him in. Together, both Ren and Kyoko, with their recently touching hands raised in determination, announce that they are ready.

Meanwhile at Fuji TV, Shoko is relieved for, although the station is papered with Dark Moon posters as she feared, Kyoko's name is only at the bottom in small writing. It's only noticeable if you take a good look at it. Sho, who isn't interested in dramas and also hates Ren, would never do such thing. She hopes that once the promotion is over it'll be like it never happened. She and Sho, who is still dressed as the Demon in the Prisoner PV, are leaving the station but are stopped by Mr. Takabayashi, an employee at Queen Records who is in charge of promoting Sho's PV. Takabayashi asks why Sho hasn't changed. Sho answers, while casting an annoyed glance at the Dark Moon posters, that the air in here is bad so he wants to leave as soon as possible. Takabayashi is at first confused then realizes Sho is referring to the Dark Moon posters. Making the connection to the actress who was in Sho's video, Takabayashi admits to feeling sorry for that girl. He goes on to say that if the PV had been released earlier she might've been treated better. She was given a good role, and even though the Dark Moon promotion is doing well she's not being mentioned. Shoko is freaking out for it is clear now that he is referring to Kyoko. Takabayashi goes on to say that she should have gotten special notice at the production announcement since she's from the same agency as Ren Tsuruga, but he gets cut off when Shoko hurls herself at him and clamps her hands across his mouth. But it is too late. Looking shocked, Sho walks over to the nearest Dark Moon poster and sees Kyoko's name among the cast. He looks none too happy about it. Shoko is standing behind him shaking her head and sighing.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Hiroaki Ogata (Ogata's flashback)
  2. Haruki Asami (Ogata's flashback)
  3. Kyoko Mogami
  4. Dark Moon crew members
  5. Hiroko Iizuka
  6. Yukihito Yashiro
  7. Ren Tsuruga
  8. Itsumi Momose
  9. Lory Takarada (Ren's flashback)
  10. Sho Fuwa
  11. Shoko Aki
  12. Mr. Takabayashi (Queen Records employee)


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