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The Day the World Shattered
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Character/s in the cover Mio Hongo (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 10
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Day the World Shattered is the 59th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko shocks everyone with her Mio which is completely different from the original. However seeing this Mio reinvigorates the director for he is reminded that he doesn't want a similar Mio to the original.

Chapter Summary

Everyone feels that Kyoko has finally found her Mio, but that it's an inappropriate one. Ren asks Ogata to give her a chance to express the role rather than immediately firing her, since it is Kyoko's first time preparing a full character as an actress. Iizuka is pushed into a mother/daughter role play as an acting test. Despite this, Ogata is still convinced that Kyoko's Mio is one he cannot use.

During the role play, Mio is proud as befitting an heiress and hateful. Iizuka tries to push the young actress back into the original character, but is outdone at every attempt. Ogata briefly wavers in his decision to fire Kyoko. While acting Kyoko continues to intelligently twist the existing canon around Mio, making Ren proud.

The biggest change being Mio's scar—for the original Mio hid hers behind a heavy layer of hair, but Kyoko's Mio practically flaunts it with short hair and a cut that displays it vividly. Ogata starts seeing contradictions between the original Mio and the character's profile. Her mother (Iizuka) doesn't deem the scar appropriate for a daughter of the Hongo house so she wants Mio to hide it behind her hair again but if this is so why hasn't she ever removed the scar. The Hongo family is rich and could pay for such a procedure. The only answer this leaves is that Mio herself doesn't want the scar removed. The reason Kyoko's Mio gives for this is rather scary: because her beautiful older sister Misao "must see her ugly heart in this. Every time she sees this scar my sister's face gets an ugly twist" [1] (for she was the one who caused it). This sends chills through everyone watching; however Ren smiles, satisfied and proud of Kyoko's good answer.

Ogata finally collapses and reveals to everyone concerned that he's actually better than he's ever been. Kyoko's new incarnation of Mio is exactly the catalyst he needed to make the world of Dark Moon better than his father's Tsukigomori.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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