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The Unexpected Wind
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Character/s in the cover Hiroaki Ogata
Volume 10
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Unexpected Wind is the 58th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko knows how she is going to portray Mio, but first she leaves the set to do something drastic.

Chapter Summary

Yashiro tells everyone on set that Kyoko took off after having a eureka moment and grabbing her things. She ran too fast for him to stop her. Iizuka insists she be fired, but Ren charms everyone into continuing with the shoot and to wait for Kyoko's return.

In the city, Kyoko hesitates outside the door of an unknown establishment, dreading how angry Ren will be with her later. A decked-out punk group shows up behind her, threatens her virtue, and literally throws her out of the way. Kyoko slips into her role as Mio and puts them all in their place, freaking them out by revealing the scar hidden under the wig.

The gossipy extras conjecture that Kyoko only got the job because the agency lined it up for her, which was probably the case with her commercial gig, too. Giggling about who will get to become closest to Ren they are almost shocked silent when a Kyoko-as-Mio we can't see walks past them.

Ren spies her next and soon everyone is staring at Kyoko, who's dyed her hair black and had it cut in such a way that the Mio scar is very prominent. Cast and crew start circling around where a non-communicative Kyoko is sitting. Iizuka screams at her. Ren expresses concern at her silence and starts to touch her face but his hand is hit away with the book she's holding. Kyoko is in character as a bold, haughty Mio and everyone is taken aback by this total change from the original.

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