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The Scars of the Heart
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Character/s in the cover Mio Hongo (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 10
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Scars of the Heart is the 57th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko struggles with how to portray Mio. At least Ren is solidly on her side.

Chapter Summary

Ogata flashes back to his childhood living in his father's shadow, which is why he is too weak to defend Kyoko against Iizuka's overstepping threat to fire her. Ren drops by his side and everyone is concerned by how sickly he is. Ren whispers in Ogata's ear, which makes him sit up and say he's alright. Iizuka doesn't miss a beat in putting Kyoko's job back on the line.

Kyoko answers every question correctly until she's asked why Mio hates Mizuki and realizes that the answer doesn't make sense. When Kyoko gets lost in thought instead of answering, Iizuka orders her to step down from the role.

Shoko sees the director and cast announcement of Dark Moon on television and rushes Sho to the next appointment before he sees Kyoko sharing a stage with Ren. When she realizes the TV station they're heading to is the same one producing Dark Moon, she worries about Sho finding out through the ads.

Kyoko talks with Yashiro at a fountain outside the school where they're filming that day. A flashback shows that Ren had intervened with Iizuka on Kyoko's behalf, asking for a little more time. They had a one-on-one talk afterward, which reassured Ren that Kyoko would come to the correct conclusion but he doesn't give her the answer. Kyoko can't come up with it and wonders aloud if this is a new form of bullying. Yashiro tries to tell her that Ren's doing it out of love, but she doesn't hear him.

Kyoko compares her childhood with Mio's, but the memories of herself with Sho cause an angry fit and she starts over. Mio's negative reaction to hardship is the exact opposite of her cheerful orphaned cousin's, which makes Kyoko conclude that Mio's hatred for her is born of envy. But why Mio would compare herself to others when she's so introverted and determined to win is a contrast Kyoko can't figure out—until she sees her own fake scar in the water and has an epiphany.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Hiroaki Ogata
  2. Past actresses (Ogata's flashback)
  3. Past film business men (Ogata's flashback)
  4. Hiroko Iizuka
  5. Kyoko Mogami
  6. Ren Tsuruga
  7. Dark Moon student extras
  8. Dark Moon Crew members
  9. Mio Hongo (Kyoko's imagination)
  10. Misao Hongo (Kyoko's imagination)
  11. Entertainment Broadcaster
  12. Shoko Aki
  13. Sho Fuwa
  14. Yukihito Yashiro
  15. Mizuki Hongo (Kyoko's imagination)


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