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The One Who Deserves to Be
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 10
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The One Who Deserves to Be is the 56th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is put under pressure about how she'll portray Mio.

Chapter Summary

Dark Moon films and the two main characters Katsuki and Mizuki encounter each other. Between scenes Ren recalls his phone call with Kyoko the previous night in which he learned that Ogata suffers from panic attacks when he feels he's being compared to his father.

Some female extras are gossiping about the director and Kyoko, wearing Mio's long wig and scar, puts them in their place with an evil aura. Yashiro and Ren witness this and compliment her on being able to pull off Mio's character—until they realize that's not the case. In his mind, Ren blames Sho for changing Kyoko so much.

Kyoko confesses she doesn't know how to prepare for portraying Mio and Ren asks if this is what she meant to say when she called him for the 3rd time the previous night. Yashiro is delighted to learn that they call each other.

The gossipy extras are upset that Ren is talking to Kyoko, a nobody, instead of his costar.

Hiroko Iizuka, who played Mio previously and is now cast as Mio and Misao's mother, demands the right to veto Kyoko if her acting isn't up to snuff. Meanwhile, Kyoko is dwelling upon the fact that Ren gave her the exact opposite advise Moko did in how to prepare for a character, and she misses her cue while filming. The extras laugh; Iizuka pitches a fit.

In a conversation off to the side between Ren, Ogata, Iizuka, and Kyoko, Kyoko cracks under Iizuka's rage and fibs that she is already fully prepared for the role of Mio. Iizuka insists on a pop quiz and if she doesn't like the answers, Kyoko will be fired.

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