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Invitation to the Moon
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Character/s in the cover Lory Takarada
Volume 09
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Invitation to the Moon is the 54th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The fragile director of the new drama that's being offered to Kyoko depends on casting both her and Ren to make it a surpassing success.

Chapter Summary

To help Kyoko decide whether to take the role or not, Sawara gives her the original novel. Her character is the little sister of the usual mean bothersome girl who tries to get between the male lead (Ren) and the female lead. But before she can read anything, she hears someone crying in the hallway.

When she looks, she finds a man with a white suit... a ghost? She then sees Yashiro bring something to drink to the unknown man. She stays to overhear a bit, and is surprised to hear comments about LME president canceling Ren's appearance in the drama! The white suited man (the drama's director, Ogata) laments that without Ren in the drama there is no point in doing it because he won't be able to do a better job than what was done 20 years before.

Suddenly in front of them, Kyoko appears, kneels on the floor on her best "decided" posture, telling him not to say things like that without trying. She says that although she just overheard them, their conversation does affect her. Yashiro starts to ask why, but Ogata recognizes her name.

Meanwhile, Ren talks with LME President, who knows everything about the girls Ren went out with (who always dumped him for being too cold in one way or another). LME President asks why he never had a problem in letting them go, and Ren says that if they found someone they liked that wasn't him, wasn't it better for them? LME President says that the girls didn't break up for them but for his sake.

He tells Ren that real passion means that one loves the girls so much that one feels like killing the other guy. Ren leaves the room with permission to act in the drama. Ren is determined he will be able to master an original way to portray his character no matter what.

And as he walks sure of himself... he is pushed against a wall by someone's scream! Ren knows this voice... sure enough, Kyoko's!

Kyoko is crying in deep pain because as it turns out, her wonderful "rich girl" part is actually... a girl with an elder sister complex who suffered an accident with glass when she was little that left a scar on her face. Now, at age 16, her older sister complex has grown.

Kyoko can't stop crying. She had looked so forward to playing this part! And it turns out to be such a dark character! Ogata gets very upset when Kyoko wants to quit and says that it's a very difficult role and that only she can play it. Ren interrupts the conversation when he realizes Kyoko will take part in the drama.

Ogata explains that when he saw Sho's promotion video, he thought that if it was Kyoko, then they would be all right because she would do a great dark sister (Mio) part. If such a "wicked more than evil," "darker than darkness" aura projecting girl could play the part.

Kyoko wants to run away in shame. Ogata begs her to stay because after Ren canceled if she too doesn't appear what would he do.

Ren surprises everybody by saying he will appear in the drama after all. Ogata is in heaven. Ren looks over at Kyoko and holds out his hand. Kyoko is spell bound and goes to him... Ogata places his hand over them and asks to try their best at making together a wonderful new original version of the story!

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