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The Unexpected Truth
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 09
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Unexpected Truth is the 52nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Yashiro and Moko try to get Ren and Kyoko to confide in them. The theory that Ren has developed feelings for Kyoko is strong in both their minds.

Chapter Summary

Kanae demands to know why Kyoko won't tell her her own secret even though she told Kyoko hers. Kyoko does the puppy-cry and tells Kanae that if she were to tell her, Kanae would hate her. Kanae says Kyoko can't know that but if that is the case, their friendship will end.

Kyoko is really scared that if Kanae learnt the truth, she would act just like Ren.

But why are they fighting again? The reason is that some time before, Kyoko got news about her next job: A TV drama series! And not just any drama, a remake of a big hit 20 years ago and surely the most talked about series this year (even her manager can't believe it...). Kyoko is shocked that they want her in such an important production. The manager explains that the producer of the drama, Haruki Asami-- Kyoko's devil mode powers on! Is that Sho's producer?

The manager quickly finished by saying that Asami was impressed by her promo video with Sho and that she wanted her performance for the series. This turns Kyoko's demons off, and she starts to get excited because someone wants her for her performance ability. Just as she is about to agree... oops! The manager forgot to mention something! Ren is the lead of the series. Bye bye happiness! Kyoko just about manages to ask for some time to consider it, before literally crumbling away.

Which takes us back to Kyoko fighting herself over her wishes to accept the part (it's a rich girl role, too!) and her fear of meeting Ren again... and Kanae wondering what the heck is going on. Just as she is thinking about this, Kanae gives her the cut big way, and Kyoko's demons decide the matter instead of her, by ensnaring poor Kanae so she doesn't go away. 

Meanwhile, Ren is driving with his manager, Yashiro. Yashiro notices Ren looks like he is worried about something and asks him what it is. Did he have a fight with anybody? Perhaps... Kyoko? (This almost kills Ren...)

Ren insists he doesn't care about Kyoko and they eventually move on to Ren's new drama. His first passion-intense drama! Which eventually leads back to Kyoko. Yashiro is mad Ren won't tell him what the deal between Kyoko and Sho is, or what happened with Ren's cell phone. If it would be some girl he is not interested in...

Ren says that Kyoko is still in high school, and that it's not right for a guy 20 years old to go with a girl that age. There is no way he can feel passion about a kid like that! But Yashiro says that girls mature much faster than boys. At that age, and specially girls who are performers, even if they don't notice it, they improve very fast and start to become more and more beautiful. Ren ponders over Yashiro's words.

Later, Kyoko poured her story to Kanae (who just thought Kyoko was a fan of Sho). Kyoko wonders why Kanae is not mad at her because she entered the business for the sake of revenge against Sho. Kanae asks Kyoko if she ever even thought of Sho when she performed. Kyoko remembers how happy she was after she managed to give her performance as the evil angel because she managed it by herself and shakes her head. Kanae agrees that anybody can see that she is not performing just for revenge's sake.

They move on to talk about Ren's scary side and Kyoko's wishes to act in the drama. Kyoko says that Ren was mad at the thought she did the promo video because of her revenge, since he was already mad from the start about why Kyoko entered the business. Kanae chews on this for a bit and then says that... what if it's more about Kyoko being with another guy? Isn't that... jealousy? Can it be that Ren actually likes Kyoko?

Kyoko seems horror stricken.

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