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Surprise Hurricane
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 09
Arc Kanae's arc
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Surprise Hurricane is the 50th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko and Hio meet Moko's family, which is very large.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko calls home to tell them she will be late that night. She then joins Kanae, who is taking her, the brat and his manager to her house. Kyoko wonders what she bought at the convenience store, and Kotonami answers she bought bait... and that Kyoko will understand as they get closer to her home. Kyoko talks animatedly with Hiou and teases him about caring about Kotonami. It eventually ends up with Hiou calling her an "evil demon" and Kyoko lecturing him about being more polite to his senpai.

But Hiou tells Kyoko not to talk to a veteran like him in that way, since he is 9 years her senpai. Apparently Hiou started his acting career when he was 2 years old and is now 11.

They are suddenly interrupted by a pretty woman with two little kids who call Kotonami (Kanae) "Big Sister Kanae." Kyoko wonders if she knows them, but Kotonami's face has turned pale with horror, and as the two kids run up to her, she grabs something from the convini bag and throws it away, making the kids run after it. She then grabs Kyoko's hand... and runs away like the devil.

As they all run after her, Kyoko wonders what's going on. Kotonami says the woman before was the "ghost that eats money" and tells them they must run away fast. She also gives Kyoko a card key for the house entrance, which makes Kyoko assume Kotonami must be a rich girl living in a rich house.

But when they actually arrive there, it's a normal one-family house. In that moment, the door opens and three children appear screaming Kotonami's name! Kotonami grabs 3 sweets and throws them like she did with the two kids before, then uses the opportunity to take Kyoko and co. to the back of the house.

Kyoko comments on how many siblings Kotonami has when... Six more kids jump out of the house!!

After diverting them, Kotonami screams to Kyoko to open the door and get in... but after she does so, four more people are waiting inside! Kyoko and Hiou are left contemplating the extent of Kotonami's family. Her eldest brother and his wife have two kids; her second eldest brother and his wife have a newborn; Kanae still have 7 younger siblings after that.

As Kotonami attempts to deliver drinks to Kyoko and Co. while covered in kids (and throwing them around... yet they always come back!), they are explained that because of money problems, they all live in the same place.

Seeing Kotonami deal with the kids explains to Kyoko and Hiou why Kotonami had such a big problem with the script's part of "playing with kids." Kotonami explains that she was just acting normal with Hiou and they clear up the misunderstanding between them.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kanae Kotonami
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Hiou Uesugi
  4. Matsuda
  5. Kanae Kotonami's older sister
  6. Nephew #11
  7. Nephew #12
  8. Younger Brother #2
  9. Younger Sister #6
  10. Younger Sister #4
  11. Younger Brother #7
  12. Younger Brother #8
  13. Nephew #14
  14. Nephew #15
  15. Younger Brother #5
  16. Older Brother - Second Son
  17. Sister-in-Law - Second Son's Wife
  18. Older Brother - Eldest Son
  19. Sister-in-Law - Eldest Son's Wife
  20. Nephew #3
  21. Nephew #10
  22. Nephew #13
  23. Hiou Uesugi's Mother


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