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The Forbidden Confession
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Volume 09
Arc Kanae's arc
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The Forbidden Confession is the 49th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is shooting another Yappa Kimagure Rock show as Bo and the featured guest is Hiou Uesugi, the child star in Kanae's drama. Kyoko puts all her effort into ensuring Hiou doesn't ruin Kanae by mentioning her name and the accident on the show. Afterwards Hiou and Kyoko run into Kanae at LME and the reason behind Kanae's troubles are revealed.

Chapter Summary

Before the recording of Yappa Kimagure Rock can begin, the producer gives Kyoko a stern talking to as to ensure she doesn't upset the featured guest. The producer reveals that the guest is actually a third generation showbiz star, with his grandfather a well-known actor renowned for his beautiful martial arts. The producer becomes quite passionate when talking about the grandfather, Uesugi Kotetsu, whom it seems that he is a fan of. And not only is his grandfather an actor but the father, Uesugi Ryotaro, is a Hollywood actor and his mother, Nabatame Yuuko, a Japanese actress. As Uesugi Kotetsu is well-known for spoiling his grandson, Kyoko must not do anything that might upset him or anger Kotetsu. Kyoko listens to all this, sighing that it might be too late. This causes the producer let out a cry of shock for they haven't even begun shooting, what has she done?! Kyoko quickly reassures him that it's fine for that kid doesn't know she is Bo.

The guest star turns out to be Hiou Uesegi, the boy who is in the drama with Kanae and was hurt accidentally by her whilst acting. Kyoko recalls her first meeting with Hiou outside LME where she tried to ask him about what happened for he had told her that Kanae got fired for hurting him. But she asked Hiou to tell 'Onee-chan' what happened which instantly annoyed Hiou, who hates being treated like a child. He startles Kyoko by yelling at her that she is done for and will be fired! Kyoko tries to settle him down but only succeeds in further infuriating him for she addresses him using a term commonly used for kids. Kyoko is still confused at Hiou's rant and due to not getting an explanation, even more confused at what might have happened between him and Kanae.

Back on set pandemonium ensues, as Kyoko tries to stop Hiou from explaining about his injury in front of the cameras. Hiou realizes that the person in the rooster is "Kanae's friend" who he confronted earlier for only she knows the situation. Hiou keeps insulting her, and threatening to get her fired. He uses the fact that he is from a well-known and powerful showbiz family to threaten her. Kanae and her won't be able to appear in the showbiz world again! He tries to box Kyoko in by threatening to walk off the show if she stays. It would cause the show a lot of difficulties for there is no-one who could replace him but plenty to replace her so what will it be?

Kyoko has had enough of this super spoiled and egotistical child so she takes off the rooster head and gets serious. Hiou is taken aback at the grim look she has on her face. Hiou asks if she is going disappear or not. Kyoko shows her professionalism by refusing for this her job and she will give it her best shot. Hiou smiles for that means she won't get to appear ever again. Kyoko takes the wind out of his sails, and completely shocks him by saying that's alright and dares him to try do to her what he did to Kanae. He'll beg his papa, mama and grandfather right? This causes Hiou to flinch in anger. Kyoko continues saying that she won't let him have everything he wants and she won't go quietly without knowing the reason why for Kanae may have hurt him but for her there is no reason to put up with a child throwing a tantrum. This, of course, causes Hiou to loose his temper at being treated like a child again and gets angrier when Kyoko wonders why treating a child like a child is wrong? For when she sees a spoiled brat like him she wants to show him that there is something called 'hardship'. *SMILE* Much demonizing and screaming ensues once again.

Later, Kanae has returned to the company building, trying to tell herself she is not there to meet Kyoko. In truth, she is very scared about Kyoko's possible reaction at seeing her. This is why she doesn't like having friends but then she remembers Kyoko's hurt face and feels guilty. She starts to worry about Kyoko hating her, envisioning Kyoko breaking it off their friendship. Spinning around she decides to leave because it wasn't like she came to see Kyoko anyway, but then she runs into Hiou.

Hiou thinks "those black demons" conjured her up, while Kanae asks how his wound is doing, Kyoko arrives with Hiou's manager and is very happy to see Kanae. Kanae falls into panic mode and hides behind Hiou, saying she came to see him. Kyoko is little hurt and sends Hiou a narrowed look wondering why he is so happy. Hiou makes the excuse that it's only natural Kanae would come to see him for she caused his wound. Kyoko says the wound isn't that serious that he needs visitors. Kanae asks after the wound and Kyoko informs her that it was just a scratch and Hiou blew it out of proportion to trouble her.

Hiou yells at his manager for betraying him who apologizes. Kyoko asks Kanae if what the manager said was true, if she really threw Hiou while they were rehearsing? Kanae goes silent and Kyoko apologises for prying. Kanae recalls her fears of Kyoko starting to hate her and spills out everything that happened on the drama set. She and Hiou were supposed to be playing so she threw him because she thought that children liked to be thrown. This causes everyone to blink in confusion. Kyoko recalls that when she first met Kanae she threw Maria to the ground too. Hiou wonders what environment she grew up in if throwing kids is the norm?

Kanae ponders how to answer the question, then sees Kyoko's hopeful face with shiny eyes for she is imagining castles and princesses. Knowing Kyoko, Kanae guesses she's probably hoping for something overboard and unbelievable. Kanae smiles at Kyoko's happy face and promises herself that she will not make Kyoko have that sad face again. She then invites those who are curious to come with her if they wish to know the reason.

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