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An Encounter with Catastrophe
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Character/s in the cover Kanae Kotonami
Volume 08
Arc Kanae's arc
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An Encounter with Catastrophe is the 48th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Yashiro tries to bribe Ren to tell him what's going on between Kyoko and Sho. At the same time, Maria and Kyoko dress up as detectives and stalk Kanae.

Chapter Summary

Yashiro attempts to discover what Ren knows about Kyoko and Sho. Meanwhile, Kyoko and Maria follow Kanae, just to discover her, in a blonde wig, with some guy. They both follow the couple as they have a normal date tour. Maria wishing it was herself with Ren, Kyoko wishing it were herself with Kanae hanging out as friends.

Eventually Kyoko's demons win and the guy starts to experience strange pains in random parts of his body, which impressed Maria. After a while she lets the guy go, thinking that even if she is lonely, as long as Kanae is happy, then it's fine.

But to their shock, five minutes after the first guy leaves, an older man appears and takes a happy Kotonami into his car. Maria suggests it's her father; Kyoko thinks Kanae is a daughter of a rich man.

While at her part-time job in Darumaya, Kyoko is still pondering about Kanae and the really expensive car she got in,  she really thinks Kanae is a rich man's daughter. Kyoko is happy again, until she goes to serve one of the tables and finds Kanae, in another wig, with another man, calling him "old man" (father), then the old man calls her "Katsumi."

Kyoko is very confused about all this, and next day during acting lessons, she tries to ask Kotonami, but Kotonami almost eats her head off. From the talks of the other girls, Kyoko realizes something might have gone wrong at her last job, but doesn't ask Kanae.

Kyoko gets into a really bad mood and scares away everybody in the company halls until a dark haired boy stops her and tells her to shut up and stop yelling.

Hiou recognizes the pink uniform and demands to know if she is in the same section as Kanae. The kid starts complaining about things nosily and being pretty snotty. Due to the rumors she heard before, Kyoko suddenly realizes that this kid might be the cause of Kanae's problems on the job.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Yukihito Yashiro
  2. Ren Tsuruga
  3. Female set worker
  4. Female set worker #2
  5. Kyoko Mogami
  6. Maria Takarada
  7. Kanae Kotonami
  8. Rich young lady role
  9. College guy with stalker
  10. Western-looking man
  11. Lory Takarada
  12. Taisho's wife
  13. Katsumi role
  14. Commoner father
  15. Student from Acting Class
  16. Student from acting class #2
  17. Student from Acting class #3
  18. Student from Acting class #4
  19. Student from Acting class #5
  20. LME male employee
  21. LME male employee #2
  22. LME female employee
  23. LME female employee #2
  24. Hiou Uesugi


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