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Mysterious Guy, Mysterious Girl
Chapter 47.jpg
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami with Kanae Kotonami and Ren Tsuruga
Volume 08
Arc Kanae's arc
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Mysterious Guy, Mysterious Girl is the 47th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is fretful for she doesn't know why Ren is angry with her, even though she said doing Sho's PV wasn't for revenge. She runs into Kanae at LME who seems troubled by something but no matter how much Kyoko persists Kanae refuses to tell her whats wrong. Desperate to know Kyoko and Maria follow Kanae around for the day incognito.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko wonders how Ren knew she was doing Sho's PV. Well didn't Sho Fuwa say so on the phone Ren answers. Stammering she asks how he would know that it was Sho. Ren informs her that he has met Sho before, whilst his manager, Yashiro, nods in agreement saying Sho was the only person in the business that would challenge Ren, "what a guy...". This sends Kyoko reeling and she starts trembling with rage at the thought of Sho meeting with Ren, "I'll kill him" she thinks vindictively. Ren inquires again if she got her revenge successfully. Spinning around to face him, Kyoko tries frantically to explain to Ren that she didn't do the promo video just for revenge's sake, but runs out of steam on the way there because she knows she is lying or half-lying at least. Ren gets so scary that even his manager and Maria-chan notice it, and tells her he is happy she had such a good time. Kyoko wonders in agony why he got so angry.

Afterwards, Maria tells Kyoko it's the first time she saw such a scary expression on Ren's face. Drained Kyoko admits this is the 3rd time for her now. Kyoko is a bit desperate and scared at remembering how scary Ren was, she works herself up wondering why he is so mad. While she ponders this and Maria looks at her, the shadow of what used to be Kanae passes them by. Kyoko and Maria blink in confusion at each and wonder what that was just now.

Maria and Kyoko wonder why Kanae looks so ghostly. Maria guesses maybe there is something wrong with work. Kyoko asks why she wouldn't have told her then, and Maria tells her to ask Kanae herself. Angry at herself and Kanae for not telling her, Kyoko jumps up and shouts her name causing both Maria and Kanae to jump. Kanae wonders when Kyoko appeared and tells her not to surprise her like that. Maria gaps at her, for she walked by the Love Me uniform and didn't notice it so she must have have been totally out of it.

Kanae reverts to her usual "I don't care" mode expertly hiding any trace of her ghost self, and asks Kyoko if she's doing a Love Me job, if so she can't help her with it. Kyoko asks Kanae seriously if something is bothering her but Kanae tells Kyoko nothing is wrong with her. Kyoko insists and Kanae eventually tells her that she is the type of person who wants to deal with her problems by herself. Kyoko tells Kanae that makes her feel lonely, since they are both friends. Kanae seems about to say something when she sees Kyoko's sad expression (including the "ripping off flower petals" scene...), but then thinks better of it and tells her she has nothing to say to her.

Meanwhile, Yashiro, is having a conversation with Ren for he is not acting himself. Flashback to Ren and his manager having a business talk with others about a potential new job but Ren's expression is sharp and he is glaring at everyone. One of the business people complains they don't want to hire a Ren like this, who's like a frozen icicle. They heard he was like the spring, a breeze full of gentleness. Worried they will lose the job, Yashiro quickly excuses them, saying they will be right back. On the other side of the room, Yashiro lectures Ren telling him he has an image to keep up. Ren laughs saying he is fine now so let's go back it's not good to keep the others waiting. Doubtful Yashiro says "I can't believe you" for his glare and that atmosphere was even worse. "You can't promise to keep your true personality from showing!" and as his manager he has right know what's wrong in order to avoid situations like this. Yashiro says he knows why he's like this. It's because of Kyoko's reasons for participating in Sho Fuwa's PV. Yashiro repeats Kyoko's words "it's not because of revenge". Yashiro recalls previous incidents when Ren mentioned revenge or Sho Fuwa to Kyoko (when they first met Kyoko after she joined the Love Me Section and during the Ring-Doh filming; Ren used Sho's cosmetic commercial lines to make Kyoko take her make-up off). Yashiro demands to know what is going on and why Ren is so interested in Kyoko's relationship with Sho.

As for Kyoko and Maria, they are on the streets of Tokyo having followed Kanae there and are causing a bit of a ruckus for they are dressed as detectives having sourced the costumes from the clothing department thanks to the President. Kyoko recalls watching Kanae when she met with the manager, she looked bothered by something then too. Kyoko is still distressed and hurt that Kanae won't confide in her so since Kanae won't tell her she will find out for herself! 

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