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An Unexpected Cold Front
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Maria Takarada
Volume 08
Arc Kanae's arc
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An Unexpected Cold Front is the 46th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko has been worrying up a storm since the Sho/Ren phone-call fiasco. She has tried and failed to call him to apologize for it therefore suspects Ren is still angry at her. Unbeknownst to her Ren knows that the identity of her 'childish co-worker' is actually Sho having recognized his voice. The situation reaches a combustion point when they run into each other at LME. Ren confronts Kyoko asking if her work went smoothly or did she ruin it with her plans for vengeance for didn't she join the filming of Sho Fuwa's PV?

Chapter Summary

A jaded Kyoko informs Maria that if happiness decides to desert you, it will

Kyoko is at the LME main office doing paperwork sighing and obviously going over the incident with Sho and the phone. Maria is sad and scared for her because according to her "every time you sigh you lose a little bit of happiness and fortune." Since Kyoko is already so unlucky she needs to be careful. Kyoko laughs at Maria's superstitious beliefs, and informs her rather cynically that if happiness and fortune decide to ditch you, they will. Maria seems even more traumatized by this, thinking that Kyoko must have lost so much happiness she doesn't care if the rest leaves.

Kyoko recalls that all her happiness left when "that bastard" left her; both her past happiness and her present day happiness too recalling the phone incident. It's been several days since then but she can't tell Ren that her acting has improved thanks to that guy. Thinking back to after the PV she realizes that Ren probably hasn't met Sho if he has to look his name up on the internet. Whilst walking back she rehearses potential conversations with Ren but is oddly relieved when she gets his message service. She left several apology messages but he hasn't called back. Sighing again she wonders if he's angry with her. Even though she apologized it was only via message so it may not count. Seeing her sigh again Maria asks if something is bothering Kyoko. She even offers her collection of voodoo items to Kyoko who thanks her and tells her she's fine.

Kyoko worried that Ren is angry with her

Still pondering Ren's silence Kyoko dismisses the idea that he's angry with her and concludes he must be busy with his job. Because even if he heard her apology, even if it was just a message, Ren isn't the type to give no reaction at all. Whilst taking some of the paperwork to another area of LME, Kyoko imagines Ren smiling while telling her he listened to her message and not to take it to heart for he's not angry at all. Kyoko laughs happily at her imaginations, wondering if he will say something like that but she still feels a little guilty. Maria, who is walking with Kyoko, asks after Kanae whom she hasn't seen in a while. Kyoko tells her that Kanae is in a drama which has started filming today. Maria is surprised to hear this. Internally Kyoko is a little sad for Kanae hasn't told her anything about the filming and her tone didn't sound happy despite this being her first role.

Kyoko excited at the idea of a party for her friend

Seeing that Kyoko is down again Maria quickly suggests having a party for Kanae to celebrate her debut as an actress. Inspired Kyoko gets excited at the idea and hugs Maria happily for being so brilliant. Maria pumps her fist, glad that Kyoko has cheered up again. However Kyoko is quickly depressed again, shocking Maria, for she realized that for a celebration they need gifts and she has no idea what Kanae likes. But then she becomes determined to find out, thinking evilly that she'll steal files from Sawara.

Kyoko's anger antenna sensing Ren's anger

Maria and Kyoko continue walking through LME with the paperwork when Maria notices Ren talking with Yashiro. Maria runs over for a hug from Ren whilst Kyoko looks on with anticipation and uncertainty. Maria then calls Kyoko over causing both Ren and Yashiro to notice her. She jumps at having their attention directed towards her but she walks over still uncertain. Yashiro greets her and says its been a while since they've seen her. She agrees and bows, greeting them. Ren greets her back and Kyoko freezes at his tone. Her anger antenna wakes up and circles around Ren saying it can feel the source from here pointing at Ren.

Kyoko is wondering desperately about what reason could have caused him to be angry with her, did she do something then she recalls the incident with Sho. She quickly apologizes for the phone call and says she also left a message too. Ren says he never heard her message which Kyoko assumed was the case. Ren continues saying that according to her she wasn't at fault for it was that childish guy so don't take it to heart for he's not angry at all. Ren's words ironically echo Kyoko's previous imaginations of him however he delivers the last line smiling his blinding gentlemen smile. Kyoko is dazed by its brilliance and knows immediately that he is lying. Still smiling radiantly he asks if her and that childish guy's work went smoothly.

Ren shocking Kyoko with his knowledge of her acting in Sho's PV

Still blinded by his smile, Kyoko can't form an answer and merely stammers a response. Continuing, Ren asks, "Or did you go to ruin it for your vengence?". Suddenly he isn't smiling anymore and is looking at Kyoko sharply. Kyoko is confused and stunned by the question, probably wondering how on earth he knew. Yashiro is looking on the conversation confused repeating 'vengeance?'. Ren clarifies his question by adding, "You appeared in the promo clip for Sho Fuwa." [1]

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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