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A Happy Break
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 08
Arc Prisoner arc
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A Happy Break is the 45th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The filming for Sho's PV has ended successfully and Kyoko is ecstatic that her acting may have improved a little. She runs into Sho on her way out and they both end up arguing passionately. During all this Ren returns her phone call, right in front of Sho...

Chapter Summary

Kyoko congratulates her mirror image effusively for managing to act and suppress her demons ("black Kyoko") in front of Sho. In her pretend 'interview' she wishes she could tell her close friend, Kanae, who was so concerned about her about her success and her respected senior, Ren, who can't know she did this job.

Kyoko interviewing herself about her progress

She is also very happy thinking that she may have caught up a little to Ren due to this job. She's amazed that she is so lighthearted after working with Sho. She realizes that she was so focused on acting she forgot her initial motive of revenge. Her passion for acting outshone her need for vengeance on Sho and if that isn't an improvement she doesn't know what is. She acknowledges that she would still like to see that jerk beg for mercy but she doesn't want thoughts of revenge tainting this moment as she gazes fondly at her costume.

Sho disappointed that it's not Kyoko visiting him

Meanwhile, Mimori visits Sho's room, who loses interest once he sees it's her. Sho mentally tells himself that Kyoko would never come to him of her own accord. Mimori realizes he was expecting Kyoko and is depressed since the producer also said that Sho and Kyoko's relationship in the filming was more lover-like than his with Mimori. She starts to cry at the thought of this which causes Sho to sigh "how troublesome". He pats her head whilst asking what's wrong.

Blushing, Mimori asks Sho to kiss her and he says okay swinging her around to face him. However Mimori yells out 'no!' surprising him and halting the kiss. Wailing that she doesn't want such a casual kiss; she wants a real lover-like kiss from him! Sho sighs looking annoyed and wonders aloud what is wrong with her. This is why he only dates older women. Sighing again he calls Mimori's name and pulls her into his arms whilst saying that she makes things so difficult for him. Mimori half-faints in his arms but Sho is not phased by this reaction thinking that girls are so easy to please.

Kyoko staring at Sho's antics with Mimori

Looking up he realizes someone is watching them and is alarmed to see it's Kyoko, who just happened to pass by. She is staring at him and Mimori unashamedly. Mimori's manager flies past Kyoko and carries the love-drunk Mimori away concerned that she is sick. Kyoko (in her "hmph" mode) comments she didn't know Sho had that ability in him--to be able to comfort a crying girl. She guesses that she was the only exception to this privilege.

He wonders if she is talking about when they were kids, and Kyoko nods -- yup, yup, the way he managed to run away when she cried. Sho starts to defend himself and thinks that he didn't say anything that time because Kyoko was crying about her mother that one time and he didn't know what to say that wouldn't sound like bragging but he cuts himself off. Kyoko says she understands, and that's why she looked for a place where she could cry alone so she wouldn't have to bother him anymore with it. Sho looks very surprised at that.

Kyoko and Sho arguing passionately causing Shoko and Asami to wonder if they are dating

Kyoko starts to walk away, remembering how she walked through the forest until she found a river, and that's where and how she met Corn for the first time. But just as she is remembering her "best hits with Corn" Sho intrudes again interrupting her beautiful memories. They start to fight until Kyoko almost calls him by his full name. Sho retaliates by mentioning he knows Kyoko wrote "Princess Cindy" (from Cinderella) and "Princess Rose" (from Little Briar Rose [Grimm's Sleeping Beauty version]) as potential stage names. Kyoko wonders in agony how he knows that, but he was just guessing!

Shoko and Asami happen upon them arguing passionately in the hallway of Queen Records. Both Shoko and Asami watch as Sho and Kyoko argue to the point where Kyoko is chasing Sho around. Both Asami and Shoko have a warily bemused expressions on and Asami asks if they aren't still going out. Both Kyoko and Sho are insulted and vehemently deny going out with each other. Sho asks 'can't they see they are arguing?' and Kyoko asks 'what do they mean by 'still' going out as she never went with him in the first place!'. Asami and Shoko just look at them, realizing they obviously don't know what they look like to others. Asami thinks that anyone would presume that their arguing looks just like a normal couple's bantering. Shoko thinks their expression seemed so joyful and that she's never seen such innocent naivety.

Sho snatches the phone to deliver a snarky retort to Ren while Kyoko freaks out

It's at that moment Kyoko receives a call from Ren. Sho is shocked to hear her speaking to his number 1 nemesis Ren Tsuruga. Kyoko wonders why he is calling but he says that's his line, since it was her who left a weird message. Kyoko tries to tell him it's nothing, but he knows she called the company to get his number, so it must be something important. Shocked Kyoko realizes he must have called before. She starts to tell him that something really good happened in her work today when Sho grabs the phone from her and says the good thing is that she appeared in HIS promotion video and then hangs up.

Kyoko is in shock, since he not only snatched the phone from her but also hung up on Ren. Sho asks if Ren is in fact Ren Tsuruga and wonders what the hell she is panicking for. Kyoko confirms it is Ren Tsuruga and that he's a senior of hers at LME. Both Shoko and Asami hear this and murmur to each other how Sho hates Ren Tsuruga. Sho mockingly says to Kyoko that she must really be something if Ren Tsuruga is making a call to a newbie like her even if he is her senior. Sho continues to mock her and Ren saying he must be really free if that's the case. Kyoko lashes back saying Ren's busyness would shock most people to death. Internally her anger builds as she thinks that the extremely busy Ren made time to call her, and that he might've been worried about her.

Kyoko releasing her grudges on Sho

Sho starts backing off as her dark aura grows and wonders why she has to look so murderous. Kyoko is thinking darkly that this time round the little bit of trust she's amounted in Ren will be lost. Sho asks her angrily didn't she hate Tsuruga Ren?! This causes Kyoko to lose it, perhaps remembering that the reason she hated Ren without knowing him was because of her Sho infatuation. She releases her grudges in a dark whirlwind directed at Sho whilst saying it's all his fault and the one who will be hated will be her. Both Shoko and Asami jump in alarm when her dark aura is unleashed. Then all that can be heard from outside the Queen Records building is Sho's cries, Kyoko's murderous insults and Shoko wailing Sho's name.

Ren realizing it was Sho on the phone

Meanwhile Ren is eating dinner with the staff for his current job and his manager, Yashiro, who wonders if he is feeling alright because he seems distracted by something. Ren acts as if nothing is wrong, but internally he has finally recognized the voice on the phone. It was Sho Fuwa's. Ren looks extremely unhappy at this realization.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Second Assistant Director
  3. Mimori Nanokura
  4. Sho Fuwa
  5. Haruki Asami
  6. Assistant Director
  7. Mimori Nanokura's manager
  8. Saena Mogami
  9. Kuon Hizuri - child version
  10. Shoko Aki
  11. Lory Takarada
  12. Takenori Sawara
  13. Ren Tsuruga
  14. Yukihito Yashiro
  15. Male staff member no.1
  16. Male staff member no.2
  17. Female staff member no.1
  18. Female staff member no.2
  19. Male staff member no.3
  20. Female staff member no.3


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