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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 08
Arc Prisoner arc
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Prisoner is the 44th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is able to pull on her relationship with Kanae to bring out the emotions necessary for the angel. Sho is shaken to see that her tears are real. He doesn't play the part correctly, making it look as if Kyoko's angel and the Demon were the lovers instead. Kyoko turns the tables and mocks Sho's inability to act.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko cries in something similar to anguish as she pushes Sho off the balcony. Sho is stunned by the sudden appearance of tears from Kyoko. As she pushes him down, Sho recognizes Kyoko's tormented expression as he is very familiar with it for its the one she would wear whenever her mother was around. He realizes that Kyoko is really crying not just acting. So shaken by Kyoko's acting Sho forgets his own role.

Sho is shocked at Kyoko's tears and forgets his role

For when Kyoko pushes him off the balcony he doesn't close his eyes as he is supposed to but continues to stare at Kyoko as he falls. Asami, the producer, is muttering angrily at the camera screen. Wondering what on earth Sho is doing and why didn't he close his eyes. Remembering the next scene, Asami turns back to watch Kyoko.

Kyoko's Angel turns insane from the weight of guilt from committing her first sin

Overwhelmed by joy at protecting her friend and the guilt of committing her first sin, the Angel is driven to insanity. Kyoko's Angel after killing the Demon, offers a mad & evil smile as if she just sold her soul to the devil. So evil is the look Kyoko gives that Asami feels a chill from it.

Meanwhile on set for one of his own jobs, Ren has noticed that someone called him on his cell phone and that it was Kyoko. He is surprised because it's the first time he got a call from her and decides to check the message she left. Listening to Kyoko's message Ren is amused for she sounds so formal but then becomes concerned for it abruptly cuts off half way through. Worried, he calls her back.

Yashiro is shocked that Ren is not only checking his messages but calling someone back too

Yashiro, his manager, sees this and is surprised because it's the first time Ren checked his messages while in the middle of work hours. He is even more intrigued to see Ren not only check his message but also call the person back. Yashiro wonders who this person might be for Ren to act so out of the norm. It can't be the office for they would have called him directly. Dying with curiosity Yashiro yearns to know who it is.

Back on the set of Prisoner, Kyoko is in a daze not listening to the conversation as she's still thinking about Kanae hating her. As she dwells on this she starts crying again surprising everyone. Asami asks what's wrong and Kyoko says she was just unable to separate from the character's agony. Asami wonders what she means, Kyoko explains that she has a very good friend like the Angel and she imagined them both in this situation. And if this were the case Kanae would hate her forever. So overwhelmed at the thought of Kanae hating her Kyoko starts crying again. While Asami consoles Kyoko, Sho lets out a sigh of relief for he was worried that it was her mother that had caused her tears. Then he scolds himself for being concerned about her. Sho recalls the times when they were children where she would cry like that and it would always leave him at a loss, not knowing what to do. He is embarrassed to realize that after everything that has happened she can still make him lose all sense when she cries.

Kyoko is surprised to find out that they are re-shooting the scene as she wasn't listening earlier. Asami tells her that she is keeping some of the take for she doesn't think they will be able to reproduce such expressions again. Kyoko says she could if needed for she just needs to imagine Kanae hating her. Asami says although she might have the skill and confidence to do it, Sho is just an amateur at acting and would be mentally prepared for her crying. It's not that she doesn't trust Kyoko's acting skills. Kyoko is disheartened to hear this, thinking that if she had Ren's abilities she would be able to make her partner follow.

Kyoko is ecstatic at the thought that she was completely immersed in her role

Asami praises Kyoko telling her she is like a professional actor. Top-notch actors capture the feeling of the characters and lose themselves in the role, sometimes are even unable to remove themselves completely from the role afterwards for they are still immersed in the characters feelings. Realizing she completely forgot about Sho because she was so immersed in her own feelings cheers Kyoko up considerably.

The second Assistant Director wonders why they are re-shooting the falling down scene. Asami reminds him of the song and the PV's name 'Prisoner' which means 'entrapment'. The one that captured the Demon's heart was Mimori's Angel however if the Demon kept looking at the other Angel who pushed him down wouldn't that be weird. The second AD agrees with this saying the way they were staring at each other right before he dies it feels like they were lovers instead. Mimori overhears this conversation and seems stunned by the last comment.

Kyoko mocks Sho's inability to act

They about to film the last scene again starting from when Kyoko wraps her hands around Sho's neck. Asami reminds Sho again to close his eyes when he falls. Sho rages internally thinking he knows this already, what do they think he is an idiot?!

Turning around he jumps at Kyoko's evil smile and wonders what she's up to. Kyoko takes this opportunity to throw Sho's words back at him when he mocked her for forgetting her part. Sho gets totally worked up and writhes in agony. The rest of the shooting finishes smoothly and Kyoko is surprised to realize that she actual feels really good about the whole job.

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