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Sin Like an Angel
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 08
Arc Prisoner arc
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Sin Like an Angel is the 42nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko challenges Sho before their scene together, however her role crumbles under her demonic desire to kill Sho. Kyoko despairs at being unable act as a pure-hearted angel, especially in front of Sho. If she can't act she might be fired! Who can she ask to help her overcome this?

Chapter Summary

Asami is explaining the next scene to Sho, the one where Kyoko's Angel has to kill Sho's Demon. Sho doesn't seem to be listening as he recalls the conversation with Kyoko with a rather strained expression on. Sho mentions to Kyoko that he's surprised that she actually has some acting talent, Kyoko retorts that she wouldn't have thought about acting last year and if he hadn't ditched her she wouldn't have had the chance to become interested in acting. As Kyoko used the word "ditched" both Mimori and Asami wonder if they dated before.

Mimori demands to know what Kyoko's relationship with Sho

Mimori confronts Kyoko about it who adamantly denies having that sort of relationship with Sho, telling Mimori that she is more Sho's type. Mimori still seems unconvinced by this. Sho answers rather vaguely when Asami asks him. As they are walking to the set, Shoko brings this up saying he didn't really answer Asami's question regarding if he and Kyoko had dated or not. She thought he would answer with the same confidence he had the last time when they talked about his and Kyoko's relationship. Where he admitted that Kyoko was nothing more than a servant to him.

Sho seems to ponder this for a minute before answering that he couldn't say it and he doesn't know why. Shoko laughs a little and asks Sho if he has ever had this feeling before. Sho goes silent as he thinks about it and stops walking, smiling Shoko asks him to translate his sudden silence. Sho continues to turn this over in his mind then slowly answers "not really." Shoko seems surprised by this, then Sho elaborates saying that right now it feels like Kyoko belongs to him and that its his exclusive right to do what he wants with her. Sho then starts laughing as he begins walking again. Shoko, however, is now looking shocked and has stopped moving at this answer. She's thinking that he's too much and it's like he is saying that he owns her. She seems to mull this over for a bit, then she starts wondering if it's like this what if Sho were to develop feelings for Kyoko just how would he change as a person. Shoko thinks this train of thought is 's-scary' and stops speculating.

Back on set, they are about to do a run through of the scene with Sho and Kyoko. Asami is describing to them what is supposed to happen during the scene. She tells Kyoko she only needs to lightly grasp Sho around the neck in order to slay the Demon for he is very weak now. Sho will fall off the building and Asami assures him that the workers will see to his safety, so let's begin practicing.

Kyoko and Sho swap glares as the showdown is about to begin

Both Sho and Kyoko swap an electrifying evil glare for the time has come. Although she is still learning the skills to act, she will try her hardest to act out her character Kyoko tells Sho finishing with a dark smile. Sho hears the real message that she wishes to convey that 'he will regret letting her act in his PV'. While his and Kyoko's costume is being touched up, Sho sends a glare over at Kyoko thinking she is an evil girl and how dare she, as he knows he's an amateur when it comes to acting. Sho recalls Asami warning him not to be dragged into Kyoko's pace. Determined for although he may not have skills he has self-confidence and he will not be pulled in by her. Both Kyoko and Sho are glaring at each other as the clapperboard snaps between them.

Kyoko, full of killling intent, is suddenly on top of Sho strangling him with all her might and surrounded with grudges causing both Mimori and Asami to gasp in shock. Mimori wails about Sho's predicament and Asami desperately yells for Kyoko to stop for her killing aura is too much. Asami emphasizes to Kyoko that her role is an angel.

Kyoko forgets her role amidst in her killing intent towards Sho

Depressed Kyoko acknowledges that she was caught up in the moment so full of desire to kill Sho. Kyoko wonders to Asami that isn't her Angel supposed to turn evil, Asami corrects her saying that only after she kills the Demon does her Angel become evil for she commits her first sin. Kyoko was acting evil even before she killed the Demon.

Mimori and Sho are looking on as Asami talks to Kyoko. Sho is catching his breath, thinking he felt like he was really going to die. Mimori feels better after Kyoko's display of hate for Sho, for she was worried that they had dated and might get back together. She smiles glad that this is not the case, Sho had only been enchanted by the effects of the make-up not Kyoko. Besides Sho would never like a girl like Kyoko (what Kyoko told her before), she was silly for thinking such things. Sho asks what she's smiling at, but she doesn't get to answer for Asami asks if Sho's ready for another go. Kyoko is mentally try to remind herself that she is an angel before the take starts. However nothing differs from last the last take except Kyoko is trying to smile like an angel but this only succeeds in making her look more evil. Asami yells for her to stop again. Kyoko recedes into a ball of self-hatred and Asami tells her to rest for a moment. She tells Kyoko that she will be able to 'act like an angel' for she did it so well in the take with Mimori.

Sho mocks Kyoko about her inability to act her part

Kyoko thinks that she was able to act so well was because she imagined Mimori was Kanae. Swept away at the thought of her 'beautiful friend' her imaginations are interrupted by Sho saying she must be off with her fantasies judging by that expression. Sho tells her she's acting very composed for someone who's holding up the pace of the recording. He thought she would make him lose composure but you reap what you sow and the only reason he hasn't replaced someone so incompetent was because he was waiting to 'feel so regretful he wants to die' throwing Kyoko's initial threat back at her. Kyoko gasps infuriated at this. Sho continues his mocking; didn't she say she was going to put 'all her heart into acting' for he feels no effort from her at all. Leaning over her, he whispers to try better next time, do try to work harder on acting.

Back in her dressing room, Kyoko screams in frustrated fury, her grudges a swirling storm around her. Crying in frustrated anger at her situation and at Sho's taunts as its 'his fault' she can't act properly.

If only her scene's would go as smoothly as they did with Mimori she wouldn't be in this dilemma. She was only able to act that well because she pretended Mimori was Kanae, its impossible with Sho. She recalls Asami telling her what she wishes to see Kyoko act the Angel as, a good Angel trying to protect her pure-hearted friend. Kyoko realizes with some dread that if she is unable to show this then she will be replaced.

Needing someone to scold her, Kyoko takes out her 'Ren-doll'.

Needing someone to scold her she takes out the "Ren-doll" mimicking him saying 'she reaps what she sows for trying to use acting as a tool for revenge' and she shouldn't use this sort of attitude as he doesn't like it. Depressed she sighs for now is not the time to be doing this. She recalls Asami telling her to think about how to act as an angel. Pondering her role as an Angel who harbors hatred for the Demon for killing her friend and in turn becomes one herself by killing him, but is initially a pure-hearted Angel herself. Kyoko sighs for she doesn't know how to act this out. She stares the at the 'Ren-doll' still in her hands and asks him mentally how she should act this out.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Haruki Asami
  2. Sho Fuwa
  3. Shoko Aki
  4. Kyoko Mogami
  5. Mimori Nanokura
  6. Make-up Girl
  7. 2nd Assistant Director
  8. Costume Girl no.1
  9. Costume Girl no.2


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