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Killing the Devil
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Sho Fuwa
Volume 07
Arc Prisoner arc
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Killing the Devil is the 41st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Everyone is stunned at Kyoko's huge transformation into a beautiful angel, especially Sho. Kyoko surprises everyone again with her acting skills by enchanting the reluctant Mimori who falls into her flow. Asami warns Sho to be careful when doing his scene with Kyoko for she may upstage him.

Chapter Summary

Sho recalls the Kyoko he used to know; pure, innocent and naive

Sho recalls what Kyoko used to be like; innocent, pure and naive, willing to put aside her needs and prioritize other people's. He thought he was the one who knew her best but now he's not sure if he really knew her at all.

Kyoko continues her walk of triumph with most of the staff staring at her in awe of her transformation into a beauty, Shoko and Asami murmur 'your kidding' as Kyoko walks by. Mimori is surprised but not as surprised as Sho, who can't seem to take in the dramatic change in Kyoko. Mimori looks mournfully at Sho's shocked face. Kyoko shatters the trance everyone's in by kicking Sho hard in the shin. Mimori, Shoko and the rest of the staff are taken aback at her sudden aggressive actions and her evil face.

Kyoko breaks the spell her transformation wrought on everyone by kicking Sho

She drags Sho down to her eye level and asks darkly if that hurts, that it's nothing compared to the pain she suffered in her heart. She wonders if he is comparing her to how she used to be. Unfortunately that pure and naive Kyoko no longer exists she says whilst throwing him back. It's good he likes to pretend that no-one else matters and didn't drop her from the project as she will use this to make him so regretful he'll want to die.

Kyoko issues Sho a challenge and a threat

Asami, Shoko and Sho are looking on as the assistant director preps Mimori and Kyoko for their scene together. Asami asks Sho if he knew Kyoko from a long time ago. Sho says, "My childhood friend. That's who I thought she was."[1] Shoko doesn't know what to make of this statement and looks at Sho slightly confused. Asami asks him what he means and Sho continues on saying that this Kyoko is a stranger to him.

Asami, Sho and Kyoko continue to watch Kyoko. Asami says when she's calm the girl really seems like an angel. Both Sho and Shoko don't answer this staring at Kyoko warily, obviously envisioning her when she's not calm. The disbelief on her face apparent, Shoko says she still can't believe this is the same girl from the other day and that she has become so beautiful as she recalls their first meeting.

All are amazed at Kyoko's transformation into a beauty but only when she's calm

Asami is surprised by this and asks if Shoko knows her which Shoko denies, saying they only met once and that she doesn't know her that well. Shoko is thinking inwardly about how that girl finally came to Sho's side and that only a few months ago, she was just a simple, plain girl. Shoko inwardly remembers the huge shock she had at the appearance of Kyoko and her transformation, but however stunned she is, Sho is probably feeling it even more. Sho is obviously not listening to Asami and Shoko as he is still staring at Kyoko. He suddenly gets up and marches off, whilst both Shoko and Asami exchange a puzzled look.

Sho approaches Kyoko who gives him a sharp look and tells him do something about it. The "it" is Mimori who is crying because she can't find it in herself to act friendly with Kyoko. Both Shoko and Asami say her name obviously exasperated by the situation. Kyoko doesn't say anything and just looks annoyed while Mimori is crying in Sho's arms whaling that she hates her. Asami tries to console Mimori saying this isn't something you can solve by just saying you hate her, probably trying to appeal to the professional in Mimori. Kyoko is still silent, watching the situation with an annoyed look.

Acting unprofessionally, Mimori refuses to work with Kyoko because she hates her

Sho baits Kyoko saying she really is a despicable person and how can she live such a sad life. This enrages Kyoko who snaps back that it's entirely his fault and he shouldn't act like this has nothing to do with him. Shoko is looking at Kyoko whose face has turned demonic in her rage, thinking sadly, Kyoko, your face, obviously taken aback at Kyoko's sudden change from a beautiful angel to an enraged demon. Kyoko and Sho start arguing and Kyoko reveals the reason she never had any friends was because Sho was always so close to her. Sho has some inward admiration for his past self thinking so he was that popular and good-looking. Kyoko echoes his thoughts and grows even more mad as she suspects he doesn't feel any guilt whatsoever for his role in it. Sho wonders why he should feel guilty as he doesn't see a problem with being close to the girl who understood him best. They all jump when Mimori yells NO and to not to talk about things she doesn't know about.

Asami sighs at the lack of progress they are making. Mimori's manager apologizes for her behavior to her and to Kyoko as well. For Mimori said she hates Kyoko so Mimori's manager's apologizes if this comment hurt her feelings. Kyoko tells her not to worry for she understands that emotions can easily influence one's acting so she'll wait patiently. Mimori's manager praises her professionalism and maturity despite being new as well. Kyoko thinks to herself grimly that if Mimori quits she'll have to be Sho's lover and that's something she can't stand at all. She sends a narrowed glare over to where Mimori and Sho are sitting, thinking he better hurry up and tell Mimori they aren't like that at all.

Sho is telling Mimori that that person isn't the Kyoko he knew anymore. He's recalling Kyoko shamelessly telling him to give Mimori a kiss and make her forget everything whilst comparing it to the innocent Kyoko from before who would be embarrassed if he walked around without a shirt on. He tells her again that she's his enemy. Mimori looks unconvinced asking if he can still say that now because when she came out dressed as an angel his expression was so blissful.

Despite her reluctance, Mimori is enchanted by Kyoko and pulled into her pace

Kyoko and Mimori are re-shooting their scene. Sho is looking on and can't help but stare at Kyoko, even recalling some of his song lyrics. Asami suddenly asks who is he looking at, caught staring at Kyoko again he whips his head away saying no-one. Asami says he needs to watch Kyoko carefully as not only are her looks extraordinary but so is her acting talent.

For she has been able to enchant the reluctant Mimori into acting along with her and coax her into producing the most beautiful expressions. Sho recalls Kyoko's threat that she will make him regret keeping her on. Asami warns Sho to be careful in his scene with her for she might drag him into her rhythm and upstage him.

Internally Sho thinks that Mimori is affected by Kyoko because the angels are special to each other but whether it's real life or a story, he and Kyoko are enemies. He begins to approach Kyoko who is watching the recording of her and Mimori's scene, looking pleased at the outcome. Her face darkens as he gets closer. Sho realizes that she is intending to use her acting ability to eat him alive in their take together.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Sho Fuwa
  3. Shoko Aki
  4. Haruki Asami
  5. Assistant Director
  6. Mimori Nanokura
  7. Prisoner Staff Member no.1
  8. Prisoner Staff Member no.2
  9. Prisoner Staff Member no.3
  10. 2nd Assistant Director
  11. Mimori Nanokura's manager


  • The fan translation has a different line for Sho's response to Asami about how he knows Kyoko. Sho says "the perfect couple, that's how it was supposed to be," which is a confusing line from Sho as it's doubtful he ever viewed Kyoko in a romantic light. However he may be being ironic referring to their previous idyllic relationship when they both were the ones who understood each other the best and comparing it to now. Or it may be an ironic reference to how his parents wanted him and Kyoko to get married. Shoko too doesn't know what to make of this statement and looks at Sho slightly confused. She could possibly be recalling her conversation with Sho where he admitted to bringing Kyoko only to serve as his maid and wondering if that's what Sho meant by "the perfect couple".


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