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Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 07
Arc Prisoner arc
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Armageddon is the 40th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Suspicious, Sho figures out how to trap Kyoko into revealing her identity. She is fearful that she will be dropped now but Sho lets her stay as a test. Kyoko walks onto the set amazingly transformed into a beautiful angel, surprising everyone.

Chapter Summary

As he is fitted into the very cool demon outfit, Sho recalls Kyoko sliding the salt across to him with an expression that seemed to say 'Eat it all even if you have to force yourself'. He wonders about her identity again since no-one in Tokyo knows he's preference regarding rolled omelettes; hates them sweet but loves them seasoned. Then he sees a swan-shaped bottle and seems to have an idea.

In her dressing room Kyoko berates herself for possibly showing her hand so early to the enemy for Sho would have no reason to tell anyone his preferences regarding omelettes. She abandons these pessimistic thoughts for nothing can be done now so she'll just wait for the enemy (Sho) to make his move. She starts watching enthusiastically as Mimori's make-up is applied. Mimori gets mad at her staring and Kyoko says it's because she's so beautiful. Confused by the compliment Mimori thinks how she can't figure Kyoko out and she can't find it in herself to hate her. Kyoko is excited and says she can't wait to be beautiful too.

Mimori assures Kyoko no matter how much make-up she puts on, she won't get Sho's heart because she is not his type. Kyoko nods happily, she knows, Mimori is just Sho's type (breastwise; Mimori's an E-cup). Mimori is more confused by Kyoko, as she doesn't seem romantically interested in Sho but there was that evil aura she emitted. Thinking back on their encounters, Mimori realizes Kyoko didn't want her to say her full name. 

Sho enters the dressing room in his Devil costume causing all the ladies (bar Kyoko) to fall over him. Using some forward moves he tries to push Kyoko into revealing herself, but Mimori's jealousy saves her at the last second by distracting Sho.  

But Sho uses the ace up his sleeve and suggests they use this swan-shaped cosmetic. Sho wonders aloud what's it called again.The make-up woman comments on it because it's a famous brand and its called 'Royal Snow'. However Kyoko yells out her own unique nickname for the cosmetic "Odette" at the same time, along with Sho thus revealing her identity. And so the jig is up.

Meanwhile on-location, Yashiro confronts Ren about Kyoko's Love-Me points for her job as his temp manager. Ren is such a prudent and careful man he finds it hard to believe that he stamped something by accident. Ren assures him that's what happened. 'Poor Kyoko' Yashiro murmurs for even if Ren did do it by accident he's stingy enough to deduct points after she worked half to death for him. Ren looks suddenly downcast, shocking Yashiro as he realizes that he must have hit a nerve. Ren says that Kyoko's efforts were't really for him but out of a sense of duty because of this self-satisfaction he couldn't give her 100 points.

His expression sharpening at this for Yashiro understands now. So he initially did give Kyoko a 100 points but when he heard it was for self-satisfaction he deducted some. Ren jumps guiltily, realizing he just outed himself. Yashiro had guessed as much but just wanted confirmation. Ren asks if he was being childish changing her score. Yashiro cheerfully confirms that he was but he understands why he did it for he thought Kyoko was trying her best for his sake but in the end was only doing it out of a sense of duty. Yashiro agrees it must have hurt hearing this from the girl he likes. This comments stuns Ren for a minute. He then corrects Yashiro saying it's true he doesn't hate her anymore but the reason he deducted points was because she didn't understand the Love-Me sections aims. Yashiro gaps in shock at this 'lame' excuse. Ren continues saying it was nothing sentimental like what he's hinting at. Yashiro is gaping thinking it's obvious that Ren enjoys Kyoko's company recalling his soft gaze as he looked at her. Then Yashiro has an even greater shock when he realizes that despite his lady-killer looks, Ren is completely clueless when it comes to love.

Mimori's make-up and costuming is complete, and Sho compliments at how nice she looks (Sho specially likes how well the breasts look in the dress). Mimori demands to know his relationship with Kyoko, Sho just says they are enemies. In a flashback Kyoko asks Sho and Shoko if she will be dropped now that her identity has been revealed. Sho says he doesn't care what she does and lets her stay on as a test to see how much she can threaten him.

Kyoko returns to the set, transformed into a beautiful angel. Sho and Mimori are talking when the staff around them starts to fall silent and point at her as she walks towards Sho. Asami and Shoko are shocked too, even murmuring 'no way' as Kyoko passes. Mimori is surprised but not as much as Sho, who clearly can't believe his eyes as once again she looks entirely different.. Kyoko merely smiles serenely, maybe enjoying the commotion she has caused by her transformation.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Shoko Aki
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Sho Fuwa
  4. Hair and Make-up girl
  5. Costume girl
  6. Mimori Nanokura
  7. Hair and Make-up girl 2
  8. Yashiro Yukihito
  9. Ren Tsuruga
  10. Haruki Asami
  11. Assistant Director


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