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A Ghost of Herself
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 07
Arc Prisoner arc
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A Ghost of Herself is the 39th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is at Queen Records for Sho's PV and decides to disguise herself with a cutesy persona to avoid being discovered by Sho. Another obstacle confronting Kyoko is her classmate bully Mimori Nanokura, who is also in the PV.

Chapter Summary

Stunned at being suddenly confronted by Sho himself, Kyoko is at first speechless. Her grudges discuss her dilemma internally and decide it's best that Sho doesn't discover her identity for she might lose the job.

Kyoko adopts a very un-Kyoko-like cutesy persona and acts as if she were a fan of Sho, even calling him by a nickname. Sho is taken aback by this and starts to think he might have been mistaken about thinking she is the Kyoko he knows especially since she shook hands with him.

Asami comes to fetch them and introduces herself to Kyoko as the producer of the PV. Kyoko is temporarily surprised out of her adopted persona at the fact that Asami is a woman, for her name sounds like a man's. Laughing at this, Asami says its a common mistake.

A long-black-haired girl appears and attaches herself to Sho, causing Kyoko to blink in surprise and think, Huh? "Huh?" the other girl says aloud when she sees Kyoko, for it is the idol Mimori Nanokura, one of her classmates from school who has been mean to her for no real reason. Kyoko uses her demons to intimidate Mimori so that she doesn't say her real name out loud. Mimori tells Kyoko defiantly that she's going to be the angel in love with Sho. Confused Kyoko wonders what she is talking about.

So Asami explains to them the concept for the PV: A demon (Sho) meets two pure and good-natured angels who are the best of friends and falls in love with one of them. The Angel returns his feelings but this relationship is slowly killing her for Angels and Demons are not supposed to mingle. During the description Kyoko is barfing at the idea of love (or maybe at the thought that she might have to pretend to be in love with Sho) whilst Mimori is listening starry-eyed. The other angel, desperate to save her good friend, kills the demon. Not wanting to be the cause of his beloved's death the Demon doesn't fight her and accepts his death. The angel who killed the demon is driven mad having committed her first sin. Kyoko throws up her hand quickly to volunteer for the role as the "demon-killing angel" for she has always wanted to 'kill the demon'. Everyone is surprised she wants to play the antagonist and not the main role.  

They all sit down for a boxed lunch, Asami apologizes for this as they initially had a restaurant booked. However due to time issues they will have to start shooting straight away. Mimori produces her homemade bento for Sho, who grumbles about eating it. Gazing sadly at Mimori whose so delighted to give Sho the bento, Kyoko has a sad flashback to her infatuated self who did the same thing. Kyoko watches as Sho takes a bite from a fried egg roll and she realizes it must be sweet which Sho doesn't like for he grimaces as he tastes it.

She sees him eyeing the trash can near him and gets mad because he should eat it even if he doesn't like it because Mimori put so much effort into it. So she slides a salt packet across the table to him with a grim expression on her face.

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