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The Date of Destiny
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 07
Arc Prisoner arc
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The Date of Destiny is the 38th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is offered a role in Sho Fuwa's PV due to the success of the Curara CM. Kyoko initially rejects the offer but then she accepts it with the intention of using it as a stepping stone in her career. Kyoko and Sho finally find themselves face-to-face after all this time...

Chapter Summary

At LME's main office Sawara informs Kyoko that due to the Curara CM a job offer has come in from Queen Records to act in Sho Fuwa's PV. Kyoko furiously rejects it whilst fuming with her grudges swirling around her in a rage as she will never accept a job to act in his PV.

Back at LME in the Love-Me Section locker room, Kyoko is still fuming when Kanae walks in, in a dazed state. It turns out she has been offered a role in a TV drama series. Kyoko is really happy for her, Kanae assures her its not a big role but they saw the commercial and thought she would fit the role. The actress who was previously going to play the role got bumped for her, Kanae suspects its because her agency isn't as influential as LME. Kyoko is shocked by the harshness in the world of show biz and glad she was determined to be at LME no matter what. Kanae tells her she's not perturbed at stealing someone else's role for she wants to be an actress that can support herself on acting alone, if she must use others as stepping stones to accomplish this so be it. She rejected the PV because it clashed with the drama's filming and she also judged it boring. Inspired by Kanae's words, Kyoko's attitude makes a 180 degree change and she decides to accept the PV job so that she can use it (and Sho) as a tool to step up her career. Kanae (who still thinks Kyoko is a die-hard Sho fan) is not surprised by her fiery acceptance.

At Queen Records Corporation, Shoko and Haruki Asami are commenting on Sho's unusual interest in a commercial, the Curara CM in which Kyoko and Kanae appear. Asami mentions that both girls have become a popular topic due to the Curara CM. Sho is currently rewinding and pausing the commercial so it remains on Kyoko's face, which he stares at intensely. Sho asks if her name is Kyoko which Asami confirms; spelling out the characters (which are different to Kyoko's spelling) and Asami says she's unsure if that is even her real name. Asami asks if he's interested in her, laughing a little as he apparently has never been interested in this type before. Sho continues to stare at the screen which has Kyoko's face on it and says its not that, but doesn't share his suspicions. Asami laughs a little and finishes for him saying he's more interested in her than the girl with the long hair.

Asami informs Sho and Shoko that the long haired girl turned down the PV offer. Sho is shocked that someone would turn down his PV. Asami is a bit down since she preferred the long haired girl too but says she didn't have the guts to say no to the short haired girl who accepted as it was her who approached them. Ideally she would've liked them both to accept but LME is not a company to be crossed. She later heard that the girls in the CM were Takarada's favorites and if she'd known that she wouldn't have asked at all. Shoko says to Asami that they will have to find another girl if that's the case which Asami agrees with. Sho says he has someone in mind but was concerned that she wouldn't be happy about it. Asami says not to worry about that. Sho tells her that Shoko knows who it is so ask her about it, and says to Shoko 'that little doggy'. Shoko seems resigned when she answers back as she understands who 'the little doggy' is.

Sho hardly turns away from the TV during this interchange, continuing to stare at Kyoko's paused image, pondering whether it might be Kyoko or not. He notes that if it is her only her hair color and cut have changed but would only this really have rendered such a huge transformation. He inwardly acknowledges that if he ran into her on the street he might not recognize her since she looks so different compared to before, Ironically he has already done so when Kyoko was working at the gas station and even when prompted by Kyoko, he still didn't recognize her. Sho thinks that if it is really Kyoko she wouldn't accept the job at all then he realizes something and smirks. He wonders if her acceptance is for revenge and snickers to himself, as he finds this realization intriguing. Sho inwardly dares Kyoko to show him what she can do so that he can show her in return that no matter what she tries she'll never be able to hurt him. Still staring at the TV, he continues to laugh evilly under his breath but does not show the dark glee on his face as he's used to masking his outward emotions. Asami is again shocked by his out-of-character fascination with the girl as he seems mesmerized by the TV, she wonders if he is actually interested in her. Shoko is also looking at Sho who has begun to laugh softly but her expression is distinctly unamused as if she knows what Sho is chuckling about and finds it childish and wearying.

At Darumaya, Kyoko is trying on outfits, preparing for the confrontation with Sho. She decides on her Love-Me overalls as they are her battle gear. Both Taisho and his wife are peering in on Kyoko, wondering what she's been doing all this time and are amazed that she's been trying on clothes like she's going on date. The next day Kyoko turns up at Queen Records, covered in a dark aura and smiling in anticipation, and asks for Asami at the desk.

Meanwhile at Haneda Airport, Ren and Yashiro are departing for a week on work matters. They see Kyoko's commercial play on one of the TVs nearby. This causes Yashiro to ask Ren if her told her they are leaving Tokyo, Ren is confused saying he hasn't and wonders why he would do that. Yashiro said they seemed friendly last week and he presumed something changed while he was sick. Ren says they are still the same and nothing's changed. Yashiro adds that the way he looks at Kyoko has become more gentle, enough to melt the hearts of ordinary maidens. Ren is greatly surprised by this statement for he hadn't realized it himself. He guesses it's because they have cleared up the misunderstanding between them so he sees her in a better light and he's glad that she's not learning acting for revenge. Ren and Yashiro are called by the others in their work party and Yashiro says there is something he wants to ask him. Ren says to ask him later or they'll miss their bus. Internally Ren is still thinking about Kyoko as he doesn't want her using revenge as a purpose to act, for everyone has just one precious life, one chance to do with what they will. And if she's using revenge it's best that she and Sho don't meet at all, and with time she'll forget about him. As long as they don't meet, her animosity towards him will fade.

Back at Queen Records Kyoko is sitting alone in a room, furious, for she's been kept waiting for a whole hour. She blames Sho thinking he probably overslept. She wonders what his manager is doing, she should just drag him here. She recalls that Sho's manager's name is Shoko and thinks 'what a lousy pair!' She storms towards the door determined to find someone in charge in order to vent her anger. She's about to open the door when someone beats her to it. It opens and on the other side is Sho himself, stunning Kyoko. Finally the two are face to face.

Ironically right at that moment Ren is on the plane hoping once again that Kyoko doesn't ever have to meet Sho.

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