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The Road of Glamorous Success
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 07
Arc Manager arc
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The Road of Glamorous Success is the 36th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren and Kyoko clear some of the negative air between them, including the misunderstanding of what really motivates Kyoko to act now.

Chapter Summary

Ren is amazed at her acting skill for her talent is obvious in the lines she just acted. It is especially astonishing since she only recently started learning how to act yet she is so far along. Is she really only learning acting as a tool for her revenge on Sho Fuwa? Ren praises Kyoko on her skill which pleases her. She tells him happily how she had fun learning acting at the training school. Ren is surprised for isn't she using it for revenge on Sho? Kyoko vehemently denies this but does admit to herself that her goal when starting acting was...a tad unusual.

Kyoko muses to Ren that all her recent efforts towards acting and the showbiz world may be because she wants to re-discover herself and to do something that she wants to do for a change. Since she was young she has always done things for other people, such as Sho and her mother. She has always lived for other people in hope of making them happy. But it's different now, learning how to act she feels like she is doing it for herself, using it to create a new self and this makes her happy. She wants to experience more, absorb more and open up her world so the new Kyoko Mogami can appear. That's why she started learning how to act. Kyoko understands if he does not believe her but this is the truth. Hesitantly she peeks up at Ren and is staggered to see him smiling kindly at her. Then he tells her that he does believe her.

Kyoko watches Ren as he works trying to figure him out. The man is sick with a fever and a headache yet he insists on working because he loves to act. It only makes her admire him more. She hopes one day she can be like him with Ren as her idol, as she watches him while halfheartedly reading her textbook. She recalls the awkward moment from that morning when Ren asked if she hated him. She didn't know how to respond because she didn't actually have an answer. She remembers Ren smiling at her sweetly as he tells her that he believes her reasons for acting and blushes a little. She still can't believe Ren smiled at her like that after everything that has happened. Maybe...glancing at Ren again who is still acting. Maybe she really doesn't hate Ren Tsuruga after all, she concludes smiling slightly.

Ren finds Kyoko asleep at the table after studying too hard at a little after 3:00am when he went to refill his water bottle up. He wakes her up with a smile and tells her to get some rest in the spare bedroom. Kyoko visibly flinches away at being woken up by such a dazzling visage. She thinks to herself that she would prefer the fake smile for it's not as bad for her heart. Ren scolds her for being rude. Ren tells her she should get a good night sleep for she was up late the night before taking care of him plus there's a limit to the amount of studying one should do. Kyoko protests that the President went to the trouble to set this up for her and she hasn't really studied much before. Ren intervenes and asks why she wants to study so much? She's acting like she has to get a perfect score. Kyoko freezes and realises she doesn't have to get a perfect score for she's not doing it for her mother this time. She slumps down exhausted for all the tension has left her body. She starts laughing at herself for habit is such a scary thing. Ren smiles for he knows the reason but doesn't say. Ren continues stating that working hard is good but nothing should be overdone, one wouldn't want to faint on the exam day. Kyoko cringes guiltily as this has happened to her before. It seems she would cram right up to the last minute then turn up to the exam over tired and exhausted. Ren reassures Kyoko that he isn't as weak as he was yesterday so rest up, have a bath and do well in the exam. Kyoko gets excited at the idea of a luxurious bath but is uneasy at having one in a man's home. Ren wonders if she thinks he'll peek. She does a little, to torture her of course. Ren smirks at the very idea giving his American shrug with a 'Ha' and a head shake. Kyoko is now pissed at the implied slight and states angrily that she will use the bath. Ren says he too will go to bed. They then bicker a bit before retiring.

The next day, they are going to be late for his first job because of the traffic. Kyoko has an intense aura on because of the situation and demands to the taxi driver that he make a pathway using his taxi experience. This is, of course, impossible. Ren ponders using the underground, but Kyoko doesn't want him to because his fans would probably notice him and it could get really bad. She manages to get a bicycle by using her apparitions on some poor passerby who is actually able to see them. Kyoko tells Ren she will take him to the job, and Ren laughs a little incredulously at using a bike but accepts. Fans recognise Ren on the bike and so a herd gathers behind them as Kyoko bullets them to LME on the bike. Ren is now smiling and admits to himself that if Kyoko can make it he will have no choice but to give her 100 points.

Character in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Ren Tsuruga
  3. Ren's Co-stars
  4. Crew Members
  5. Bystanders watching the filming
  6. Saena Mogami (Kyoko's recollections)
  7. Taxi Driver
  8. Bicycle Owner
  9. Concerned Pedestrians
  10. Fangirls


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