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Dislike X Dislike
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Volume 06
Arc Manager arc
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Dislike X Dislike is the 35th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko takes care of a sick Ren while studying for her entrance exam. She continues to support Ren as his manager.

Chapter Summary

At Ren's apartment, Kyoko has put him to bed and is tending him. Ren has another memory of little Kyoko taking care of him as well, and realizes that his image for the Japanese Woman was molded after her. He smiles very nicely and thanks "Kyoko-chan."

Kyoko is in so much shock that the night passes without her managing to study anything. She spends a good deal of time wondering why he said it like that, and how she used to wish Shotaro would have looked at her and called her like that.

Ren wakes up and can't remember much of how he ended up in his bed, he looks around and finds Kyoko's study books. She is in the kitchen making breakfast while trying to study, so she ends up making a big mess. Still, she manage to prepare something nice, although Ren is not drinking her "stamina juice" because it looks horrifying and jokingly asks her if she hates him that much. Kyoko goes blank.

They are saved by the beep of the thermometer. His temperature has gone down and Kyoko asks him to at least have the soup she prepared. While she is away he ponders on her reaction to his "hate" words. The soup is delicious and he wonders why she is going through so much trouble for someone she hates.

Later that afternoon, while Ren works, Kyoko is studying in the set and comes across the booklet with his dialogue. She realizes it's very close to the conversation they had during the morning. While on a rest, Kyoko discovers Ren trying to study his lines. He seems to have a problem if he doesn't have someone reading the opposite character's line, so she recites from memory and between both of them they finish the scene.

Ren is shocked at how very good her acting and reading of the lines are, esp. given she has been only training for such a short time, and wonders if it really is all just for the sake of "revenge."

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