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Image Crash
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Volume 06
Arc Manager arc
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Image Crash is the 34th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren still continues to act in the shooting, even though it's raining, not thinking about his small cold that is getting worse...

Chapter Summary

The actress playing opposite Ren keeps messing up the last line of her dialogue, keeping him under the rain. Kyoko starts to get really mad. The staff ponders about resting for a while, because the actress is getting too nervous by now, but Ren insists in continuing and helps the actress manage her line. Kyoko is very surprised at this and guesses that if it would have been her he would have just laugh at her and tell her to quit instead of being all helpful and gentle.

After they finish shooting, the actors go to rest in their rooms and Ren ends up fainting on top of Kyoko. Kyoko can't get out because he is too heavy, and because she hears the actress talking in next room, she gets mad all over again because her lines were so simple and starts saying them aloud. To her surprise, Ren reacts to this and finishes the scene with his lines. Kyoko is shocked.

Ren snaps out of it and is surprised she isn't the actress and wonders where he is. Kyoko is still in shock about the fact that the only thing snapping Ren out of it was his desire to "act" and finish his lines.

After they return to work, Kyoko decides on something and disappears. When they finish with all the work, a staff member gives Ren his and Kyoko's packed lunch and comments that Kyoko is too much of a kid for a job like being his manager. Ren seems a bit down that Kyoko has disappeared and starts to fall again. To his surprise, Kyoko appears and helps him stay straight. She is carrying two big grocery bags full of stuff. She actually had to run around to make it in time...

They take a taxi and Kyoko starts to take out the things she bought. A cooling pack for his forehead, some medicines, and honey and a radish. She makes a special mix with the radish and the honey and gives it to him, it's supposed to be very good for his throat.

Ren tries it and finds it delicious and is grateful because he was thirsty but didn't want to drink water because of his throat. He wonders why she went through all this work for him (also because they were filming in an area with just office buildings, he guesses she probably had to go quite far to find a store that sells all that), and remembers that she was also this eager when she was little. He thinks maybe he has been misjudging her.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Ren Tsuruga
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Staff and cast members


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