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An Emergency Situation
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 06
Arc Manager arc
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An Emergency Situation (An Extreme Situation) is the 33rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Lory Takarada, President of LME, tells Kyoko that he enrolled her into a school with other students who are also in showbiz. Kyoko continues to be temporary manager of Ren.

Chapter Summary

Lory tells Kyoko that a friend of his is a board chairman of a high school that has a special class for students who are also performers. Kyoko is really excited about this offer.

Next day, while Ren is getting his hair done for a job, Kyoko studies like crazy for the school entrance exam, and realizes she remembers many answers and will not fall for "those old tricks" again.

Ren has a flashback about little Kyoko crying over a test. Her grade was actually fairly good (88 out of 100), however, she cries and is depressed because her mom would get mad if it wasn't a 100, and would be mad at herself for being so "stupid." Present day Kyoko is actually remembering that one occasion as well! But in her flashback, what she remembers is how strickt her mother was.

While Ren is working, Kyoko notices Ren coughing a little and touching his throat... it can't be... She follows him to the drinks vending machine and sees him get a milk tea. She confronts him because she knows he always takes his coffee and tea straight. Ren does acknowledge that his throat is feeling a bit bad, and is surprised she noticed. Kyoko presents him with the only possible conclusion: He's got a cold.

Ren laughs it off because he never gets colds and they start a "it's a cold" "it's not" war. Eventually, Ren says that if he gets a fever, then he will admit she is right. Kyoko is not satisfied, since if he gets a fever, it will be too late to prevent it.

That same evening, Ren gets a fever. He is totally shocked that he has a cold. Kyoko admonishes him, because, as a professional, he should take better care of his body. To her utter surprise, he admits she is right and that he overestimated himself. He tells Kyoko he is happy that he got to listen to her. She is touched and also impressed by his "maturity" at accepting when he is wrong.

She thinks back at some of their past conversations and how it seemed she was the last person he would like to know about his current situation. She also remembers his words when they last spoke about her motives for joining show business and she realizes they had the same meaning as the ones he gave her the second time they met. The reason he was always so angry with her and made her life impossible was because he "knew" from the start that she was entering the business to get revenge on Sho.

While she is pondering on that, she realizes Ren's next scene will be under rain. She tries to stop him, but he says it can't be helped. Filled with worry, Kyoko watches the scene take place...

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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