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The Secret Stamp Book
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 06
Arc Curara CM arc
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 The Secret Stamp Book is the 30th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The bratty Erika Koenji is full of rage because Kyoko and Kanae got the roles for the commercial! What will she do to the two Love Me members?

Chapter Summary

Director Kurosaki warns Kyoko and Kanae to take of themselves and to not to injure themselves (especially their faces) or they'll lose their roles. For he finds people who lack professionalism the most annoying. Both Kyoko and Kanae assure him quickly that they understand whilst looking taken aback at the Director's scary demeanor and they are not the only ones. The sponsors also look a bit shaken by him. Erika and her three servants (Todo, Sayou, & Sakazaki) hear this warning for they are all eavesdropping outside the room. Erika believes this is a perfect opportunity to steal the role back. She recalls with fury Kanae's confident smirk which implied that she knew she was more talented than Erika. Filled with anger Erika orders her man servants to injure Kanae no matter what tactics they have to resort to.

Kanae and Kyoko bid their goodbyes to the Director and the sponsors but as they are leaving the Director calls Kyoko back. Kanae asks why the Director called her. Apparently it was about Kyoko's use of the Curara in the second part of the audition. He wanted to know if she had deliberately chosen to give a bottle to Kanae and take a can for herself because a can has more explosive spray than a bottle. Kanae thinks back and realizes that the expressions would have been totally different if she had had a can and Kyoko a bottle. She also realizes that Kyoko must have calculated all that, all in that single second as she remembers the moment they realize their material was stolen. Kyoko thinks Kanae would've known this too and wonders why the Director was so curious. Kanae glares at her for she actually didn't know that cans and drinks exploded differently, and she is reminded why she was so wary of Kyoko for she is no ordinary person.

The Director and the sponsors talk amongst themselves. They are looking forward to their commercial having been so impressed by the two girls acting. Apparently all people who have starred in Kando (the company that owns Curara) commercials have gone on to become famous and the sponsors think these two will be no exception especially Kanae. The Director agrees that Kanae is an exceptional and promising actress however internally he thinks the one who has even more untapped potential is Kyoko.

Kyoko and Kanae are walking through a shopping district. Kyoko tells Kanae that although she doesn't drink soft drinks she was often given them as a reward (from Yayoi Fuwa when working at Fuwa Inn) so that's why she knows about the spray intensity in can vs bottle. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Kanae and Kyoko, Erika and her minions look on, awaiting the perfect moment to strike. Their evil plan is to knock Kanae down and then demand medical expenses and if she refuses to then beat her up, focusing on her face.

Kyoko is excited for it's the first time that she has walked down a street with a female friend. Kanae is confused, until Kyoko informs her that she isn't popular (with people at school and such) causing Kanae to blink at this straightforward statement. She realizes that her and Kyoko are actually quite similar. Behind them Erika's minions are closing in quickly when Kyoko suddenly whips Kanae out of the way, dragging her to look at a dress-shop's window display. Because of Kyoko's fast actions the minions miss them and run into some rough-looking delinquents who do the very thing they were intending to do to Kanae.

Kyoko is disappointed when Kanae won't take part in her dream girlfriend talk. Kanae cynically tells her that only people who aren't her friend would say that. Kyoko realizes that Kanae is also someone who has had similar bad experiences with girlfriends who back-stab and betray. So Kyoko swears to Kanae that she will be her first true friend. The man servants are about to strike again but Kyoko grabs Kanae and whips her out of the way to go to an ice cream parlor causing the servants to fall down the stairs. Kanae ponders her feelings for Kyoko whilst eating ice cream, she knew that she had to be on her guard around Kyoko due to her unusual talent for acting but now, for some reason, she doesn't feel the need.

Erika is angry with her man servants who are battered and bruised instead of Kanae so she decides to take matters into her own hands. So of course Erika spends most of the following hours attempting to damage Kanae while she and Kyoko are out walking around with Kyoko whipping Kanae out of harms way every time. Eventually Erika falls into a fountain after trying to attack Kanae with a statue, surprising both Kanae and Kyoko with her sudden appearance (they didn't notice any of her earlier attempts). The minions grab Kanae as she dodges the statue thrown by Erika. Held in position by the servants Kanae can't move and Erika goes to slap her with a diamond ring facing inward on her hand so that it will scratch Kanae's face. Kanae is disgusted by the deceitful and underhanded methods Erika will stoop too. This is why she will never improve her acting skills! It's because of this that she never acknowledged Erika as her rival for she always relied on her wealth, name and power rather than her talent and skills. Only when Erika chooses to leave her beautiful shiny world and step down into the real one will she recognize her as a rival. And so they both agree to fight each other in the professional field.

On the bus home Kyoko tells Kanae that she was really cool whilst confronting Erika. She even used the words that she said to Kanae before the audition, so it feels like they are real friends. Kanae is a little hurt that Kyoko says it 'feels like' rather than they are and turns around to demand an explanation only Kyoko has already fallen asleep. Kanae smiles and then gives Kyoko a 100 point stamp on her stamp book while she is sleeping, because she gave her much needed advice and determination enabling her to finally stand up to Erika.

Characters In Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Ushio Kurosaki
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Kanae Kotonami
  4. Executive of Kando Drinks Company No.1
  5. Executives of Kando Drinks Company No.2
  6. Erika Koenji
  7. Sayou
  8. Sakazaki
  9. Todo
  10. CM Selection Committee Staff
  11. Yayoi Fuwa (Kyoko's recollections)
  12. Delinquents


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