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The Reason for Her Smile
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Kanae Kotonami
Volume 05
Arc Curara CM arc
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The Reason for Her Smile is the 29th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is all out of ideas! How will they get the roles if Erika stole Kyoko's original idea!?

Chapter Summary

Kanae remembers some of Erika's previous words and Director Kurosaki remembers catching Erika looking into the room. They both arrive to the same conclusion; Erika used Kyoko's idea. Kurosaki asks them aloud what's wrong, and Kanae stumbles for an answer, but Kyoko says that they will do it now.

Kyoko's demons awake and she asks if she can have some of the soft drink (Curara, the product that will appear in the commercial). After she returns, she gives a plastic bottle to Kanae and keeps a can. She tells Kotonami to follow her lead.

One of the judges tells them to start, and the first thing Kyoko does is spray the contents of her can all over Kanae. A dark faced Kyoko says it's payback for the slap. Kanae is not sure how to follow this, but then Kyoko smiles and starts acting like a friend who is trying to make amends, and Kanae reacts to this.

She tries to return the spraying with her bottle, but her soft drink acts strangely and drips everywhere! They end up laughing over this--and so do the judges and the other girls. After this Kanae asks Kyoko to forgive her, they both toast and Kotonami says "thank you" to Kyoko.

The audition ends and everybody seems to have found this a much more satisfying end than Erika's. Erika is furious, and Kanae smiles at this. The judges retire to deliberate and the one that took Kyoko for more bottles of the soft drink tells.

Director Kurosaki (who is still pondering over the fact that Kyoko seemed to come up with the new idea so fast) that Kyoko shook both can and bottle (aka, she guessed Kotonami would try to spray her back, but with the pre-shaking from Kyoko, it would backfire). The other two judges aside from Director Kurosaki are very happy with Kyoko and Kotonami, and so they seem to have decided on them...

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Nao (Curara CM Participant & Erika's partner)
  3. Erika Koenji
  4. Kanae Kotonami
  5. Ushio Kurosaki
  6. Curara CM Judge (CM Selection Committee Staff)
  7. Curara CM Judge (Executives of Kando Drinks Company)
  8. Other Curara CM Participants


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