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A Desperate Situation
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 05
Arc Curara CM arc
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A Desperate Situation is the 28th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


It's time for the next stage of the audition! How will Kyoko lead Kanae into her improvision?

Chapter Summary

While the pairs think about the next part of the audition, a reconciliation scene between Girl A and Girl B, Kanae and Erika have a fight over Kyoko. Erika wonders why Kotonami is so protective of Kyoko all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Kyoko is in another room thinking about the scene. She arrives to the thought that she has decided not love again.

Erika walks around through the hallways still very mad, and happens to see Kyoko attempting several scenes with a chair, all very happy and cute. Erika starts thinking on the scene, in which she wants to use her ballet while the other girl sings, but the other girl said Erika's character should apologize and Erika doesn't want to do this because she has never apologized in her whole life.

Inside the room, Kyoko realizes that this time she has to give a very strong lead to be able to match Kyoko's. As she thinks about the reasons for the fight between girl A and girl B and wherever "an apology" is the only thing that is needed, she has a sudden idea. Outside, Erika notices this.

Several moments later, It's time for the audition to continue. One of the judges says that he has a good feeling about Erika and Kanae. They ask Director Kurosaki if he has decided already on the pink jumpsuit pair (Kyoko and Kanae), but he is not completely sure. Director Kurosaki thinks if Kyoko just have a good luck. As they want towards the audition room, they see Erika and her servants concentrated looking into the room. When he goes inside, he notices Kyoko is there.

Kanae listens to Erika giving instructions to her pair, who wonders if there won't be anybody else with the same idea. Erika smiles nastily sideways at Kanae and says there won't. The audition starts and Erika and her pair perform the ballet/singing with the girl offering the drink to Erika and them becoming friends again, all very neat and surprising the judges, but that is exactly what Kyoko had been planning.

Kyoko is in total shock. Kanae is in shock at Kyoko's dark face, and Director Kurosaki notices something is going on. Poor Kyoko says aloud that the act Erika did, who is happily smiling in one side is what she had planned for them to do. So she now won't be able to have a strong impact on the judges if she does the same...

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kanae Kotonami
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Other Curara CM Participants
  4. Todo
  5. Sayou
  6. Erika Koenji
  7. Sakazaki
  8. Nao (Curara CM Participant & Erika's partner)
  9. Ushio Kurosaki
  10. Curara CM Judges (Executives of Kando Drinks Company & CM Selection Committee Staff)


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