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The Battle Girls
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 05
Arc Curara CM arc
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The Battle Girls is the 27th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko and Kanae show up to the audition with the same "curse" they both have. Now that the director is present at the audition, how will things change? 

Chapter Summary

Kurosaki refuses Erika's 20 million yen, which was Erika's pocket money. Director Kurosaki tells Erika that "Money can not truly buy people's hearts or talent", repeating Kyoko's words.

Later on, Director Kurosaki sees Kyoko and Kanae in their matching Love Me jumpsuits. He is intrigued by them.

Director Kurosaki explains that the next audition will consist in the girls pairing up and having a fight in 60 seconds. He also gives the background about what they are fighting for: Friends Girl A and Girl B like the same guy, Girl A declares her feelings to him, but it turns out he likes Girl B. He says "Brevity and simplicity" is the key.

Kyoko and Kanae ended up being a pair. But Erika complains that the two of them know each other so it wouldn't be fair. She demands that Kyoko and Kanae don't have any rehearsal. Director Kurosaki is about to ask them to re-pick their partners, but then was stopped by Kanae, who agreed to Erika's challenge. This intrigues Director Kurosaki even more and he is happy to look forward to what are they going to do.

Kyoko is worried about the whole thing. When their time comes up, Kanae says, "Just respond to me." Kyoko starts to get into her character but Kanae suddenly slaps her hard across the face. Kyoko is surprised for a moment but then realizes she has to continue with the "play" and prepares to slap back. But Kanae has fallen to the floor seemingly scared of what she just did and crying, so Kyoko reacts to this and tells her she is sorry.

Everybody is impressed, especially Director Kurosaki and they comment on how the only dialogue was the last word and how the two of them really showed their character's feelings as the girls in the fight...

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Curara CM Judges (Executives of Kando Drinks Company & CM Selection Committee Staff)
  2. Todo
  3. Sayou
  4. Sakazaki
  5. Ushio Kurosaki
  6. Erika Koenji
  7. Other Curara CM Participants
  8. Kanae Kotonami
  9. Nao (Curara CM Participant)
  10. Kazumi (Curara CM Participant)
  11. Kyoko Mogami


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