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The Other Side of Impact
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 05
Arc Curara CM arc
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The Other Side of Impact is the 24th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


After Kyoko talks to Ren as Bo, should she reveal that she was the one inside the chicken costume?

Chapter Summary

Kyoko turns down an offer of lunch with Bridge Rock, the pop band that hosts the variety show where Kyoko works as Bo the chicken mascot. Later, she sees Ren in the hallway and worries over whether or not she should reveal that she is Bo and thank him for the advice he gave her before.

She decides not to, but as she comes out of her internal monologue she realizes that Ren is looking at her, which startles her, but she is suddenly quite scared when Ren gives her a 'gentleman smile' from across the hall. Everyone else in the hall is fooled, but Kyoko knows that something is wrong.

When Ren starts walking toward her, still smiling Kyoko tries to walk swiftly away, but Ren's far longer legs allow him to catch up. Terrified, Kyoko tries to escape into the women's bathroom, but Ren closes the door before she can even pull it open, still smiling cheerily.

He chastises her for not greeting him before, as he is her senior (Senpai?), and after she bows and greets him, expresses surprise that she does not flip him the bird today as she did last time she saw him. Ren continues to terrorize her by smiling gently at her until she works herself into a terrified state of tearful apology. Ren is very amused by Kyoko's reaction, but does not show it.

Yashiro, Ren's manager, catches up and is shocked to find a crying Kyoko and Ren standing outside the woman bathroom, thinking that he is sexually harrassing her.

After Yashiro is reassured, Ren asks her why she isn't wearing the Love Me uniform. Kyoko admits that she doesn't like wearing it because it's too eye catching and people make fun of her.

Ren and Yashiro tell her that she needs to take every advantage she has to make herself more noticeable when it comes to showbiz. Kyoko admits to Ren and later Sawara, the talent manager, that she has signed up for an audition outside of LME.

Ren warns her that she will need to stand out and Sawara says that it's probably for the best since she is hiding the fact that' she's Bo, despite the character's popularity.

When she gets to the casting area she sees two girls who are busily panicking and reassuring each other. Kyoko wishes that she to had a friend like that, but is discouraged when the only person who might even think to be her friend is Moko, the other LME member, who has been ignoring her.

Just as she goes to open the door it is slammed into her face by an unapologetic young woman, who is busily mocking someone inside the room, saying that she will never get anywhere and is only fit to be a supporting actress. Kyoko is shocked to find that the person she is mocking is Moko, who appears upset.

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