That's the Rule
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami, Ren Tsuruga and Sho Fuwa
Volume 04
Arc Bo's arc
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That's the Rule is the 22nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


After Kyoko lost in the badminton game to Sho, will Sho finally find out that the one in the chicken suit is Kyoko?

Chapter Summary

Having lost to Sho, Kyoko is is only trying to get through the rest of the program without incident, but now that Sho is beginning to guess who is in the costume, he tries to pull the head of her costume off while onstage. After a few moments of struggle she ends up falling on top of him. When he tries to push her off, he feels that she has breasts and taunts that if a woman is doing this sort of work then she must be very ugly.

Kyoko attacks Sho and is fired from the show, though Sho still doesn't know for certain that it was her. Sho is satisfied that Kyoko was the one in the Bo costume and is amused at her expense.

Kyoko wanders around the studio for a while in the rooster suit, trying to walk off her frustration, but then sees Ren sitting in an abandoned corridor looking unhappy.

Embarrased by her last conversation with him, Kyoko tries to sneak away, but her costume creaks and Ren notices her. He shocks Kyoko by asking for her help.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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