The Blue on Her Palm
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 04
Arc The Miraculous Language of Angels arc
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The Blue on Her Palm is the 19th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Maria brings up Kyoko's mother and father hoping for some insight into talking to her own however this results in a painful expression on Kyoko's face. Kyoko consoles herself with her Corn stone but drops it when Sawara surprises her. However it is Ren who is in for the biggest surprise...

Chapter Summary

Kanae, nicknamed "Moko" by Kyoko, storms off after realizing that she has underestimated Kyoko. Maria asks about how Kyoko talks to her father, hoping to learn how to talk to hers by example. Kyoko admits to not having a father, and an inquiry about her mother makes her so upset that Maria apologizes for asking, at first thinking her mother is dead.

Kyoko says her mother is alive, but then changes the subject, telling Maria that if she wants to talk to her father then she should ask him to come home. Maria is afraid that doing so will cause her father's plane to crash, but Kyoko tells her to pray for her father and he will be safe. Maria leaves, hopeful.

President Lory confronts Kyoko, saying that she claimed to have parental permission to join LME as a minor at sixteen. If that is not true then he needs to contact her mother before she can debut. Kyoko asks if it matters whether or not she has her mother's permission when her mother wants nothing to do with her and doesn't care where she is or what she's doing. Lory lets it go.

Kyoko ends up on a stairwell, hands clasped in front of her, muttering that she is okay and that everything is fine, before looking up with a brilliant smile.

She credits her improved mood with the small blue stone that she treasures which absorbs her sadness. Just at that moment, Sawara walks down the stairwell, startling Kyoko so that she jumps up. The stone goes flying down the stairwell.

When she realizes what has happened Kyoko is horrified. At the bottom of the stairwell, Ren Tsuruga picks up the stone and is startled when Kyoko comes racing down the stairs, screaming for Corn, which is the stone's name.

Not seeing that Ren has picked it up she becomes very upset and worried that it might be broken after falling from so high, she begins crying. She explains that "Corn" was the name of the person who gave her the stone as a child when she was upset, saying that he hoped it would make her feel better.

Ren reveals the stone, which is completely undamaged, giving it back to her. Kyoko is extremely grateful, but then Ren asks her if she lived Kyoto, which confuses Kyoko as only a few people know about that, Ren not being one of them.

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