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The Miraculous Language of Angels - Part 1
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 03
Arc The Miraculous Language of Angels arc
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The Miraculous Language of Angels - Part 1 is the 16th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko meets the little child from the audition, who turns out to be the LME President's grandaughter, Maria Takarada. Later on, Kyoko takes everyone by surprise when she agrees with Maria about parents hating their children...

Chapter Summary

Kyoko talks with President Lory about his misbehaving granddaughter, Maria, who, while having a crush on Ren, will not listen to him. Kyoko agrees to take on the job, with the goal in mind of defeating Ren at something.

Meanwhile, Maria picks up the script that the student actors are working with. Nearby, Kanae intimidates the mocking students by photographically memorizing the script and then out acting them while they practice in the hall.

At first, Kanae denies having anything to do with the Love Me section, but after hearing that the president will waive the class fees for Kyoko if she tames Maria, Kanae changes her tune.

Afterwards, Kyoko is trying to find Maria, so she takes out her collection of Ren and Sho voodoo dolls. Kanae looks at the dolls and mistakes Kyoko for an insane fan, but Maria recognizes them for what they are and is enticed by the thought of a Ren voodoo doll, by which she can force Ren to fall in love with her, despite the fact that she's only seven.

Just then, the President arrives, and tells Maria to apologize for all the trouble that she's caused. Maria refuses, but when she overhears some of the students talking about the play, she becomes enraged, saying that it is unbelievable that a girl who was the indirect cause of her mothers death could ever be forgiven or loved again. It is shown that this is what has happened to Maria.

Everyone is horrified, but Kyoko applauds Maria, agreeing that the script is unbelievable.

The students actors take offense and challenge Kyoko to act out the script, with the change that the little girl realize that her father still loves her through talking with the older sister, implying that it will be impossible unless the older sister doesn't blame the child, and leads her gently to the realization.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Maria Takarada
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Lory Takarada
  4. LME Employees
  5. Kanae Kotonami (Angel/Flora/Father/all roles)
  6. LME Trainees
  7. Teacher for LME Training Section
  8. Ren Tsuruga (Kyoko & Kanae's recollections)
  9. Sho Fuwa (Kanae's recollection)
  10. Grievers at Lina Takarada's funeral (Maria's flashback)
  11. Kouki Takarada (Maria's flashback)
  12. Saena Mogami (Kyoko's flashback)


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