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Sink or Swim Together
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 03
Arc The Miraculous Language of Angels arc
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Sink or Swim Together is the 15th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko bumps into the raven-haired girl she met at the audition, Kanae Kotonami. But why is she reading the acting classes available at LME? Isn't she supposed to be a new talent now?

Chapter Summary

Kyoko swears vengeance upon not only Sho, but now Ren as well, for his ability to maipulate her through acting, though Sho is by far the more hated of the two.

Meanwhile, President Lory is so pleased with Kyoko's influence on Ruriko that he plans to use her on someone else who, apparently, has a difficult attitude problem.

As he plots, Kyoko is both pleased to learn that LME has remedial acting classes available and shocked to find out how much they cost.

Echoing her annoyance is Kotonami Kanae, an actress who failed the same audition as Kyoko. Turns out that Kanae failed at the next part of the audition that results her to be the brand new Love-Me Section member, the only other one besides Kyoko, actually.

As Kanae slowly gets used to her status a Love Me member, they are both called to the acting training class area by Sawara who has been sent by the President to get Kyoko to stop his rampaging grandaughter from wreaking havoc.

Both Kyoko and Kanae see the child's picture and recognize her as a trouble maker during the LME auditions that they failed.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Sho Fuwa (Kyoko's poster)
  3. Ren Tsuruga (Kyoko's poster)
  4. Takenori Sawara
  5. Lory Takarada
  6. Arabian Camel Leader
  7. LME Employees
  8. Kanae Kotonami
  9. Matsushima
  10. LME Audition Participants (Matsushima's flashback)
  11. LME Audition Judge(Matsushima's flashback)
  12. Teacher for LME Training Section
  13. LME Trainees
  14. Maria Takarada (Sawara's purikura)


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