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Princess Coup d'etat - 12:00 AM
Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 03
Arc Princess Coup d'Etat arc
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Princess Coup d'etat - 12:00 AM is the 14th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The director is quite impressed with Kyoko's personality. When Yashiro mentions about her skill in tea ceromony, Kyoko gives off a powerful, scary aura again...

Chapter Summary

Long after the shooting, Ren and Yashiro talk in the cafeteria of the hotel where the crew is staying. Yashiro tells Ren that he had the impression Ren has some feelings towards Kyoko because his acting with her was serious.

Yashiro leaves Ren and goes to watch a special photo session for Kyoko, which the director arranged as a thank-you gift, but unfortunately Yashiro is too late and they are already finished when he arrives.

The manager talks with Ruriko's manager and learns that a reporter from a show magazine called Boost has been asking about Kyoko, because she is not in the staff or cast but she just had a photo shoot session and is talking with the director.

Kyoko is allowed to join the photoshoot in costume, enjoying her last chance to wear the kimono and make-up. This is partially the directors way of assuaging his concious for using an unknowing Kyoko to make Ruriko behave.

Kyoko is so thrilled with the picture and the make-up she is wearing that she nearly embarrases him with praise for his generosity, but reveals that she is angry with herself for being susceptible to Ren's superior acting ability. The director then asks Ren and Yashiro to take Kyoko back to her room.

The director is impressed by Kyoko's personality towards acting and can not wait to work again with her when she is a big star that just stands out from everyone else.

She is not too happy that Ren is so good that he can make the other actor feel what she is supposed to feel in the part. Basically, she is not really coming from her own power but from her reaction to him.

After, Ren Yashiro takes Kyoko back to her room. She tries to ignore Ren. When Yashiro asks where she learnt about the tea ceremony and Kyoko goes into almost-demon mode.

She suddenly remembers about her lessons at the inn and suddenly realizes that the only reason she was taught all of this and therefore was able to use it in her acting is because she was being prepared to be Sho's wife.

The reporter comes around to talk with Kyoko, but Ren has seen her face and sends him packing. He helps Kyuko up, thinking her ankle is hurting. Meanwhile Kyoko thinks that today it was the first time she has thought about wanting to become better at something for a reason other than Sho.
Kyoko think she wants to become as good an actor as Ren, and from this moment on she will create herself, instead of being goaded into creating by others.

At her room, the make-up girls try to convince Kyoko to clean off the make-up, but she doesn't want to! Ren drops the hint that if she doesn't have a good skin tone, Sho will be winning over her because he is in a skin care products ad. That settles it real fast.

Next morning, Kyoko takes her leave from the director and crosses paths with Ren and Yashiro. Kyoko tells Ren that it wasn't because her ankle was hurting that she was feeling so bad the night before, but because the tea-ceremony talk had reminded her of certain horrible guy. 

Ren catches on right way. "Ah, him." Ren says that then all her hard work the day before was for the sake of her revenge to him, and Kyoko agrees, even though internally she thinks that it was that but only for the start.  Ren puts his “gentlemanly” smile on Kyoko.

As Kyoko returns to the city, she looks at her stamp book, which now has a new -10 points stamp from Ren.
Yashiro finally arrives to the conclusion that Ren dislikes Kyoko.

Kyoko screams “bloody murder” for Ren.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Mountain Plain Hotel Guests
  2. Ren Tsuruga
  3. Yukihito Yashiro
  4. Fangirls who recognise Ren
  5. Costume Assistant
  6. Hat
  7. Seishi Shinkai
  8. Kyoko Mogami
  9. Ring-Doh Crew Members
  10. Yayoi Fuwa (Kyoko's recollections)
  11. Hair Stylist
  12. Make-up Artist
  13. Sho Fuwa (Kyoko's recollections)
  14. Ruriko Matsunai
  15. Ruriko Matsunai's manager


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