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Princess Coup d'etat - Light My Fire
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Ruriko Matsunai
Volume 03
Arc Princess Coup d'Etat arc
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Princess Coup d'etat - Light My Fire is the 13th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko attempts to stop Ren from leading her on her acting. Meanwhile, Ruriko realizes something. Will she finally straighten out her behavior? 

Chapter Summary

Kyoko continues to attempt to fight Ren's ability to make her act how we wishes. The director saw through Ren's actions and knew that Ren was seriously acting with her so Kyoko acted those strong, believable expressions.

The director explains Ruriko that she can't make Ren give the best he can, unlike Kyoko. He tells her that Kyoko is acting like a professional. But Ruriko insists to the director that she can have enough dedication to her job to get Ren to act seriously with her as well, realizing that the reason she has been failing is because she lost that initial determination to do her best that she had at the beginning of her career.

Ruriko think thhat everyone is ganging up and choosing Kyoko over her.

Meanwhile, Kyoko's injured ankle has been exasperated by her seiza position but remember flashbacks about similar situations at the Ryokan, she keeps on telling herself that “it's just a little more, just a little”

Ren continue with his lines, but when he turns to look at her in such a powerful way, she stops in shock. The director has noticed also and runs forwards, yelling a stop. He tells Kyoko that's its okay to stop it. 

Poor Kyoko is looking as hell and so totally concentrated she doesn't really hear what is happening. She says that it's ok, things aren't finished.

The director says he understand her feeling but...

Ruriko starts having flashbacks about some time in her early debut days when she was having a fever but she didn't want to stop singing and begged for a little more time because she loved her songs so much.

But then popularity and fame came and changed her. Ruriko wonders when, along the way she forgot about that one moment. 

Kyoko says that there is still a client. “Client? What the...?” The director finally realizes that she is referring to Ren.

Ren also realized that he was the "client". Ren leaves her line of sight and Kyoko collapses into a faint, her ankle bone officially fractured. 

Once he does so, Kyoko finally relents and faints.

Ruriko remember that she once also felt like that, and decides to go to the director and humbly ask for another chance. The director smiles and seems to have expected this, so he gives it to her.

Ruriko is now given new determination by her own epiphany and inspired by Kyoko's example, asks for one more chance at acting and receives. 

Sometime later, Ruriko's manager apologizes to Kyoko because it was all Ruriko's fault about the ankle. Kyoko’s ankle is now in cast, and she is back to her “demon self”, spreading a powerful aura to the poor manager.

To Kyoko's total shock, Ruriko gives her a 100 point stamp, because she tried so hard, like a pack of hyena.

But even after a little of banter, Kyoko thinks Ruriko might be a good person after all.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the director never intended to allow Kyoko to take Ruriko's place, something that Kyoko doesn't know

Back to Kyoko, as she looks out of the room, she sees Ren, who looks back at her. Things are definitely not over between them!

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Seishi Shinkai
  2. Ren Tsuruga (Unnamed Male Lead)
  3. Kyoko Mogami (Choko)
  4. Ruriko Matsunai
  5. Yukihito Yashiro
  6. Ring-Doh Crew Members
  7. Fuwa Inn Employee (Kyoko's recollections)
  8. Fuwa Inn Customers (Kyoko's recollections)
  9. Yayoi Fuwa (Kyoko's recollections)
  10. Ruriko Matsunai's manager
  11. Recording Agent (Ruriko's recollections)
  12. Ruriko's Fans (Ruriko's recollections)
  13. Sound-Tech Guy (Ruriko's recollections)


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