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Princess Coup d'etat - Magic
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 02
Original Release June 2002
Arc Princess Coup d'Etat arc
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 Princess Coup d'etat - Magic  is the 11th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren and the director discuss about Kyoko. Everyone is dazzled by Kyoko's sudden transformation...

Chapter Summary

Ren talks with the director and wonders if he really means it about letting "that girl" try the role. Meanwhile, Ruriko is still stunned that Seiji Shingai accepted Kyoko instead of catering to her like everyone else has done before.

Kyoko and her demons are taken to the make-up room and she specially enjoys the mention of the word "make-up" and its concept, so she keeps on making the poor make-up girl repeat the word. She remembered that she could not even afford make up because of Sho.

After hearing comments from the staff, Ruriko goes into real panic mode and Ren ends up talking to her. When Kyoko comes in her costume and make-up she and Ruriko fight verbally and Ren notices the director smiling at Ruriko's heated reactions. Ren seems to suspect something is going on.

They start the filming and Kyoko surprises everybody with her exquisite manners and wonderful way to carry a kimono, from all the times she helped at Sho's parents' inn.

However, her ankle is starting to act up.

Ren tapes Kyoko's ankle while Ruriko sees it and realizes something about an upcoming scenes.

Ren tells Kyoko that the next scene is a tea ceremony and will last 15 minutes. If she doesn't pass it, she is out of the game!

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Ruriko Matsunai
  2. Seishi Shinkai
  3. Ren Tsuruga
  4. Ring-Doh Crew Members
  5. A Past Director (Ruriko's recollections)
  6. Kyoko Mogami (Choko)
  7. Hair Stylist
  8. Make-up Artist
  9. Actress playing Choko's Mother
  10. Actress playing Midori Onee-san


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