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Princess Coup d'etat - Invitation to the Ball
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 02
Original Release June 2002
Arc Princess Coup d'Etat arc
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Princess Coup d'etat - Invitation to the Ball is the 10th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren carries Kyoko to the filming site. Ruriko throws tantrums and is angry to see Ren carrying Kyoko. Ruriko throws up a challenge to Kyoko, which Kyoko gladly accepts...

Chapter Summary

Ren carries Kyoko to the set, even though she is really not happy about this, much to the amazement of everyone else, used to seeing girls drooling over Ren.  Because she keeps complaining he places her on the porch and leaves. Kyoko feels a little guilty and then wonders why she has to be the one feeling bad, he was the one who gave the worst first impression! Kyoko then feels an aura of hatred but there is no one around so she dismisses as being too sensitive. As it happens, the waves are coming from Ruriko, who is now dressed up for her part and has seen Ren carrying Kyoko in a princess hold and is angry as hell, she won't forgive her!

Ren’s manager, Yashiro, introduces himself to Kyoko and while helping bandage her ankle he asks if Ren always treated her this way. Kyoko tells him that Ren seems to particularly dislike her and enjoys bullying her so she is wary of him. Yashiro finds this strange for the Ren he knows is kind to everyone. Kyoko realizes darkly that when it comes to her the always friendly Ren makes an exception. Yashiro then adds that when it comes to work and acting he is unforgiving and a strict task master to himself and others which explains his attitude to Kyoko because from the beginning she only meant to use acting as a tool for revenge. He offers his hand to Kyoko saying it's time to go to the hospital. Confused Kyoko repeats this. Then refuses for the hospital is more than an hour away so she wouldn't be able to make it back. Besides she has a mission to take care of Ruriko.

Ruriko sulks because although Ren was the one who supposedly requested to co-star with her, he hadn't come and greeted her. Ruriko tentatively approaches him herself, Ren smiles at her saying 'Ruriko you're finally here', happy she smiles back. 'I was getting sick of waiting' he says still smiling, obviously annoyed. Ruriko throws tantrums and storms off, after being infuriated by the coolness of Ren towards her. The Director watches her leave and asks why Ren couldn't have humored her a bit. The plan was to make it seem as though he was eager to act with her. Ren tells him that then there is no point of doing all this.

Ruriko reveals her true self

Ruriko stalks out of the main room, irritated with Ren. Kyoko and Yashiro come upon her in the hallway, Kyoko having found a stick to act as a cane. Kyoko then feels the same malice she felt earlier, she dismisses it again for there is no reason Ruriko should be mad at her. However Ruriko then tells her that she hated the whole concept of the Love Me Section and the people in it. She despises the idea that just by learning to love they can get a debut. Kyoko can't refute this for even she has misgivings about the Love Me Section. But then Ruriko says that what it really is, is sucking up to people. If they have time to fawn over people, they should use this to hone their skills instead. Kyoko protests at this, for she wasn't trying to do that when she took on the job. Ruriko laughs for what other reason then to get into show-biz would she have agreed to carrying her up a mountain. Kyoko feels betrayed for she really did want to protect and help Ruriko, and she didn't have another agenda. Ruriko confesses that the only reason she gave her a job was to crush her and that she would never give points to her. Kyoko starts emanating a dark aura (her grudges begging to be let out), both Yashiro and Ruriko back off however Kyoko contains her grudges and pastes a smile on her face. Ruriko is stunned to see her smiling. Kyoko asks what happened to the shooting. Ruriko gives a dismissive huff about it, as they need her and are probably looking for her. Kyoko gestures to Yashiro who grabs Ruriko by the shoulders with Kyoko grabbing her legs and they forcibly carry her to the shooting area.

The Director is glad to see Ruriko for now they can start shooting. Ruriko is annoyed because no one was frantically looking for her. Quite the opposite, as the Director is relaxing whilst sipping a cup of tea and Ren is sitting nonchalantly on a couch. The Director thanks Kyoko for bringing Ruriko to them for he didn't know what they would have done. Kyoko suspects something for they simply could have gone looking for her. Kyoko sends a narrowed glare at Ren and then uses a play on words to make fun of him "the lard goes to a suspicious circle of inexpensive pancakes" and Ren responds "the turtle who did not go to the hospital". Blushing Kyoko argues that she is not a turtle and her ankle is fine as long as she doesn't put weight on it.

Ruriko gets jealous kyoko.png

Due to the extra attention Ren is giving her Ruriko literally pushes her over in front of everyone whilst saying that there is nothing wrong with her ankle, she is just blowing it out of proportion because she likes Ren and wants his sympathy. Kyoko is infuriated for that's what Ruriko wants not her, the leftover Kyoko Angels are fighting the Kyoko Grudges that are howling their anger and rage at Ruriko. She is currently on floor with both Ren and the Director kneeling next to her and staring at Ruriko, The Director demands that she apologizes to Kyoko and Ruriko despairs for why are they are all on her side. She storms off again without apologizing.

The shooting begins. Kyoko stands on the sidelines lamenting that Ruriko wasn't the princess she imagined but the arrogant evil queen. Princesses really do only exist in stories. Ren comes up beside her and offers her a chair to sit in. Kyoko looks at it, tempted but refuses remembering the last time she accepted his help which was a trick. Ren says its normal to offer an injured person a chair however Kyoko refuses again and asks that he not get too close or Ruriko will misunderstand and get angry. At that moment the Director calls cut for Ruriko is not walking the way he wants. As expected Ruriko argues back for all she's done the last few takes is walk in, how could it be wrong? The director explains that that is exactly is what is wrong for he doesn't want her to just walk in a kimono but to glide in. He describes the proper stature that he wants to see: a straight back, chin slightly tucked in and her center of gravity in line with her toes. Kyoko unconsciously assumes this position for it is something she is used too which Ren notices.

Dark kyoko accepts the invite to debut.png
Kyoko cuts ruriko's nose off.png

Infuriated by the lack of approval by the director for her portrayal of a "lady", Ruriko declares that she quits, saying that if he wants a hard working amateur, he might as well pick Kyoko, who would do anything for points. Kyoko walks over and 'slices' Ruriko's arrogant nose off, filled with a dark aura she accepts the 'invitation' Ruriko extended into show-biz.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Hair Stylist
  2. Ruriko Matsunai (Choko)
  3. Ring-Doh Crew Members
  4. Kyoko Mogami
  5. Ren Tsuruga
  6. Seishi Shinkai
  7. Yukihito Yashiro
  8. Lory Takarada (His accomplices' recollection)
  9. Actress playing Choko's Mother
  10. Actress playing Midori Onee-san


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