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The Danger Zone
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 02
Original Release May 2002
Arc Introduction arc
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The Danger Zone is the 8th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is now an official member of the Love Me Section. Kyoko did her first task to perfection but mainly cause trouble. Meanwhile, Sho sees Ren who just happens to walk by...

Chapter Summary

Kyoko begs the president.png

Kyoko, Sawara and Lory have a small talk. Lory tells her the road will not be easy so does she have the confidence to be loved by others? Kyoko gives an absolute no which fills Sawara with horror thinking now's the time you say yes even if it's a lie! Kyoko looks down pensive as she continues saying she was that type of person before, so enthusiastic and happy. The stupidest person in the world, willing to put her needs second to everyone else's even her own lifestyle. She begs the President to help her regain this important human emotion. The president is impressed with her words about wanting rehabilitation in the field of love-ness. He gives her a stamp book for her point stamps and telling her he will be observing her for a year. It will be mostly behind the scenes work but there may be occasional TV appearances so work hard. Kyoko and Sawara depart leaving Lory pondering how Kyoko lost such an important emotion.

Kyoko is embarassed by her loveme uniform.png

Kyoko's in high spirits as she changes into her Love Me uniform, thinking she might be able to debut and reach notoriety rather quickly at this rate. The Love Me name doesn't seem to bother her as much any more, though she still finds it funny. That is until she puts the uniform on. The uniform is a pair of coveralls in blazing magenta pink with the logo on the left breast pocket and across the back too. Kyoko is mortified as people are looking and laughing at her.

Nakazawa, Head of the Singing Section, hails them over to take them to Kyoko's first job for the "Love Me" section. He explains that a band came in demanding to be heard live no matter what and since their looks were okay he gave them a chance. Apparently both their singing and songs were no good and he had to reject them. The band were all chewing gum and in retaliation for being rejected spat it out on the floor on their way out. Nakazawa's request to Kyoko as a Love Me Member is to scrub gum off the floor. Kyoko is not exactly happy about this and does so while cursing the unknown band as well as Sho (for he is the reason she is here) while people keep looking at her and laughing.

Sho i am way more handsome than you ren.png

Meanwhile at Fuji TV, the man himself is enjoying a break when he hears some girls giggling in adoration and smiles happy with himself, except that they are excited because Ren is there, not him. Inwardly Sho freaks out for it's his nemesis, his ultimate foe in the world of showbiz. Calming himself down because he knows exactly what he is going to say to Ren. "Your reign is over, it is my turn Ren Tsuruga! I am younger and more handsomer than you!"

Sho envisions Ren gasping in awe of him. Sho watches as Ren approaches and remembers he is at least 12.5cm shorter than Ren, instantly his self-esteem deflates. Sho is annoyed he let it get to him because he is a man who can surpass it! Sho knocks over the ash tray which falls in front of Ren. Sho apologizes but really he is sending out a challenge to Ren. Ren is trying to place Sho's face. Everyone in the foyer is watching on to see if they will start fighting. Ren lives up to his 'gentle' reputation and smiles back at Sho, while saying he understands such things always happen to him. While answering

Ren suavely wins the fight with sho.png

Ren uses his 'long leg' to deftly flick the ashtray back up into standing position however it wobbles a bit as there was bit too much momentum so Sho has lurch forward to catch it (maybe calculated by Ren?). As a parting shot, Ren tells Sho to make sure to clean up the trash on the ground. Sho is left feeling like he lost the round and is angry at Ren's dismissal of him. Yashiro says that Sho is the first and only one who has dared to even challenge him. It's strange that he didn't get a little bit angry, for even he did a bit. Ren says it's because he is a gentle person and he grew out of such spirited things. Yashiro doubts this for truly gentle people age has no correlation and certainly do no respond to provocation like that. He guesses that Ren might have been wild in his youth with a bad-temper and picking fights for no reason. Ren tells him this is a rude thing to say for he has always been honest and serious. Yashiro concedes not to pursue this anymore. Ren finally realizes who that man was, it was Sho Fuwa.

Kyoko overdoes it.png

Back at LME, Kyoko has finished cleaning that part of the floor, but then the rest of the floor looks totally dirty in comparison.  So she cleans, and cleans, and cleans until all the floor is shining. But she is a perfectionist, so she proceeds to wax it as well.

As a result, everybody who passes through the hallway then slips and falls on the freshly waxed floor causing several injuries too. People begin insulting whomever had the happy idea to wax the floors. Kyoko has to put up signs to stop people going down the hallway. Nakazawa, himself, got a huge bump on the head having fallen over in the cursed hallway and asks Kyoko if she didn't think of this. In truth she didn't she was thinking more about making the hallway pretty and her own self-contentment than of the people passing through it. Nakazawa says she needs to put herself in other people's shoes thus maybe this incident might have been avoided. Still, she gets ten points in the stamp book and is back to zero.

Ruriko matsunai.png

But Kyoko determined herself that even if it's "zero", it means that it's a new beginning, she can start again to get more Love Me points.

Afterwards, Kyoko is on her way and meets another a famous LME idol,  Ruriko Matsunai who says she might have a job for her.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Lory Takarada
  3. Sawara Takenori
  4. LME Employees laughing at Kyoko
  5. Nakazawa
  6. Shoko Aki
  7. Sho Fuwa
  8. Ren Tsuruga
  9. Yukihito Yashiro
  10. People in the Fuji TV foyer
  11. LME Employees who fall over
  12. LME Employees who gossip about the accident
  13. Ruriko Matsunai


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